200 Harry Style Facts {COMPLETED}

Just some facts about Harry Styles. Hope you enjoy! :) :D


184. Fact #184

184. Harry' favorite animals are turtles.

187. Whilst all the boys were at London Dungeons, Harry held Louis' hand most of the way around.

188. Harry is a fan of the Hunger Games.  

189.The boys and Baby Lux are not on the same plane because Harry doesn't want her to get hurt. 

190. Harry wants a girlfriend tat will love him for him, not Harry Styles from One Direction. 

191. His favorite food is tacos.

192. "Would you ever include a girl member in 1D?" Harry: "Well yeah, there's Liam"

193. "We're just normal teenage boys. We're not like robots."

194.Harry teared up during the Toronto show whilst singing 'Moments'

195. At The airport, a paparazzi asked Harry if he could 'Toss' his hair again. Harry said "Sorry?", he was confused because in the UK the word 'toss' means to masterbate. 

196."I don't want to get a girlfriend because all my fans are my girlfriends and I can't cheat on them" -Harry 

197.Louis: "Wanna hear a joke about cats?" 

Harry: "No."

Louis:"You got to be Kitten Me."

198.When Harry was in school, he was always late and got in trouble for being cheeky.

199. "I've been out with girls before who play so many mind games, it hurts my head. If I don't text back within 30 seconds, it's because I'm busy. It's not because I secretly fancy your best friend."

200.Backstage at the KCA's, Harry asked Michelle Obama how they ordered pizza to the White House.

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