The End of All Things

Izzy is a depressed teenager who longs for something more in life. On what seems to be an average day, she gets caught in a scientific phenomenon, and finally gets everything she's ever wanted. But is it what she wants? And will it last?


1. Prologue

There are some things humans don't understand about the universe, about time. Every human in existence, is a 'being'. The humans already have a definition, but we mean something different. A 'being' is rather like a soul, it is someone's existence, linked with and attached to time itself. And some people's 'being's' are stronger than others.

Every few generations, there is a thing called a Time Lapse. A temporary failure of time, where everyone's time, everyone's 'being', stops. This may last from something as small as 30 minutes to something like 100 years.

But sometimes, during a time lapse, some people's 'being's' are strong enough to carry on, and continue 'being' during these time lapses. These people are called TimeBeaters. The most amount of TimeBeaters recorded during one lapse are 89, worldwide. However we can never be sure. Whether the TimeBeaters will ever find out the truth about Time Lapses, we are also not sure.

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