Minecraft: Journey to the End

Steve spawns in a world and... well, its Minecraft.


1. The Burnt Village

Steve spawned in an amazing seed. Cliffhanger with a waterfall in front of him, Jungle to the left of him, Savanna to the right, and a... house behind him? As much as he wanted to explore the cliffhanger, the jungle, and the Savanna, he was more concerned about the one village house with a lavafall literally right next to it. He knocked on the door, to find no one was there. Steve shrugged as he went to explore the other wonders. By the time he was done, the sun began to set. He realized that he didn't have a home, but he did find one. He went back to the old house and knocked again. He waited, and waited, until someone opened the door. 

"Hello?" the man said. The man had a white beard, and a headband made of leaves that didn't wrap around the front of his head.

"Hello uh, listen," Steve said. "I don't have anywhere to stay for the night so, would you mind if I stayed here?"

"No, I wouldn't mind at all." the man said. "The name's Jeb." 

"Steve." Steve said. He walked inside to see another man cooking food. "Who's that?" Steve asked.

"His name is Vector." Jeb replied. "Great chef." Vector turned around and placed food on the table. Steve saw that Vector's nose drooped all the way down to his chin.

"BAAAAAAAA-" Steve said until he was interrupted by Jeb elbowing him. "AAAAAAAAAH, that food looks delicious!" They sat down to eat and when Steve took that first bite, his eyes grew bigger than his stomach. He ate and ate and ate and ate. When his food was completely devoured, he had time to talk. "So, what's up with the lavafall?" he said.

"Oh, that." Jeb said. "You know, this used to be a village. Until out of nowhere, this lavafall comes and burns the whole town er, village er, whatever. But, in my opinion, that lavafall is unnatural."

"Unnatural?" Steve said. "Well if it's unnatural, than who do who think could have done it?"

"I don't know." Jeb said. "But I'm gonna find out. Tomorrow, I'm going into the mountain. You wanna come with?"

"Sure!" Steve said. "I've got nothing better to do..."

"Well, it's getting late guys." Vector said. "I'm going to bed." Steve and Jeb did as well.


"Wha- where am I?" Steve asked as he scanned his surroundings. He found himself covered in enchanted diamond armor, holding an enchanted diamond sword. He looked in front of him and saw a dragon egg, and it looked like it was hatching. The egg burst open revealing a tiny baby dragon. "It's kinda cute," Steve thought. It spread it's wings and flew instantly. Without thinking, Steve followed it. He followed it all the way to a village that was built with the hillside behind it. The dragon was flying so fast, that it went out of control. It bumped its head on the hillside so hard it fainted. Steve also noticed that it cracked the stone on the hill, and lava started pouring out. More, and more, and the village burnt down with only one house remaining. Steve turned his head toward the dragon, and as if only a blur raced by and carried it behind the mountain. "A man," Steve said. "That was... a man!" The man peeked his head to see if anyone was watching. Steve tried to get a closer look at his face, but all he saw were white eyes before he turned his head. After that, everything went white for a moment, and he saw a dragon. Maybe the same dragon, except bigger, older, stronger, charging at him with a hostile, purple look in his eyes.


Steve woke in a cold sweat, he looked and saw that Jeb and Vector were still asleep. Soon  enough, Steve calmed down, and went back to sleep. Those white eyes followed him.

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