Small thoughts

This is a collection of poems written souly by me. They can be odd, they can be dark and they can be completely random.

I hope you will enjoy them.


51. I will not answer


No I can’t answer

Because I have nothing to say

I have no excuse

Nor can I cast any blame but onto myself


I feel trapped in a state of non-happening

as I see the rest of the world go by

In an incomprehensible speed


And all I can do is apologise

Saying sorry over and over and over again

Until the word no longer carries any meaning

First for you and then for me


And yet I continue repeating that word

Desperately hoping

that it will once more regain the meaning

Which heals wounds and builds understanding


But I fear it won't

I fear that I have broken it

Like I have broken so many things

Looking back and wishing to do over

More than you will ever know


And in the end

I just sit there

Willing to never have existed,

Not making a sound

Not answering

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