Love Through It All

Kate and Carter have been together since the 8th grade, now, Senior Year is upon them, what will happen to them as they start to decide on their futures and what they will do with life?? Will they fall apart and follow their dreams, or will they stay together and compromise with what they do with their life?


2. Morning of the First Day

Kate's POV-


*beep beep beep* my alarm clock goes off.

I groan and his the snooze button looking at the clock, 5am.

Here we go again, new school year. Ugh. Why. Atleast this is senior year, last year..yes.

I get up and grab my outfit I picked out last night for the first day of school then walk into my bathroom and close the door behind me, then I set my clothes on the counter.

I turn on the shower and strip off my clothes then get into the shower and quickly wash my hair and body, then shave.

I get out of the shower and plug my hair dryer in after I get dressed, then I begin to dry my hair. Once its try and completely brushed out, I decide to straighten it.

Once I am done straightening my hair and brush my teeth, I apply my make up. No really a natural look, but not too much.

Once I am completely done getting ready I walk out of the bathroom into my room and slip some shoes on, then I spray on some perfume and run downstairs.

I look at the time on the microwave, its almost 6:30, Carter should be here any minute, he's taking my out to breakfast before school.

My phone vibrates notifying me that I got a text on my phone just as I hear a car horn outside, signaling that Carter was there.

I grab my backpack and purse and jog outside to Carter's car.

He is standing next to the passenger side with the door open waiting for me so that he could close the door when I get in.

"Hey baby." He says as I walk up to him, he pecks my lips and grabs my backpack from my shoulder throwing it in the back. I get in the car and he closes the door.

As soon as he gets in the car he say to me, "Sorry that I didn't text you this morning when I was on my way and stuff, my phone broke last night."

"Oh babe it's okay!" I say and kiss his cheek, "but wait, who texted me then?" I ask myself then get my phone out of my pocket.

It was from my Mom. Why would she text me? I'll just read it when I get to school.

"Who was it?" Carter asks.

"Oh, nobody." I say, I didn't want him to worry about my mom again.

"Well, where do you want to go?" He asks.

"How about just the drive thru at McDonalds or something? I don't feel too formal.." I say.

"Hey, are you okay?" Carter asks looking at me and interlocking our fingers.

"Yeah, i'm okay." I say to him and smile.

Really, the fact that my mom texted me mad me feel a little queezy.

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