Love Through It All

Kate and Carter have been together since the 8th grade, now, Senior Year is upon them, what will happen to them as they start to decide on their futures and what they will do with life?? Will they fall apart and follow their dreams, or will they stay together and compromise with what they do with their life?


1. About Me

Kate's POV-

Hey, i'm Kathrin Hunter. Most people call me Kate. I am 17 years old, I have long curly brown hair, often times I straighten it, I have crystal blue eyes, I am tan, 5'6, and I am kindove a shy girl, I don't open up to many people, I have been hurt too much for that.



 I have a boyfriend, his name is Carter James, and he's the sweetest guy you will ever meet. We have been together since the 8th grade, and we plan on spending the rest of our lives with eachother. He is the only one for me, I know that for a fact. Yes, we have been through a lot, and we have fights and doubts, but that's what makes us stronger.

When I was 12, my dad died in a motorcycle accident, he was 43, it was the worst thing that has ever happened. It hurt my mom the most though, they had been together since they were 15, their relationship is the reason why I believe so much in me and Carter's. My mom has been battling with depression these past 5 years ever since dad died, she left us a couple years back. I have had to raise Jacob, my 6 year old little brother (who was 1 when my dad died) all by myself, he's basically my child. I am pretty sure Jacob thinks I am his mom, he calls me mommy..which is sad to me, I know what happened hurt my mom, but it doesn't give her the right to basically abandon her children. Jacob has been in the hospital the past month with leukemia, and I don't think my mom even knows. We haven't talked in 2 years, she just completely deserted us.

Anyways. That's some stuff about me. Now onto the story.

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