C'est la vie

|||Ever since I was a little girl I was very shy and quiet. It didn't make me popular, I was a easy bully target. Bailey, my sister, was my best and only friend back then. People thought we had anorexia, but actually we just didn't have any money. My mom was guilty for that. She was selfish, my dad to... Not selfish. He would seriously want to give her the whole world, if he could. He was a good man. |||

(I'm not that great in English so sorry for that too...)
(Okey, so does any of you guys have the problem that you have wrote a whole scene and it just disappears when you go to an other chapter? I'm just saying that that's why I'm not that fast with this.��������
and also the story keeps chancing until I'm happy with it, so it could be that when you're reading this you sometimes think like 'who's that?' But then you know that the story is not done yet. Sorry for rambling��)


2. {2} Dad's storie

||| My mom and dad used to fight a lot. He would hit her > she would call the police > he would stay in prison for a night > he would come home again saying sorry to each other. But then the next day it would start all over again. I hate them. They don't even TRY hiding the fact that there marriage is a fail. They would even involve me and my two brothers! I will marry happily. I would have control over my kids and my wife. I will not be like them. |||

''I will miss you, Kate. But no matter what happens, I'll be with you. Our love is stronger then our distance. We'll be okay... I love you, babe.'' I said looking into her gray, blue eyes. I know this sound weird but in some way it made me happy. The way she was crying at the fact that I would leave London. She's mine forever.

''I love you to, Ryan.'' She said tears running down her face. When I kissed her her lips where so soft and sweet. I couldn't let go, but when the taxi chauffeur obviously was getting impatient, I had to. I stepped into the cab, with a sinking heart. When I turn my face she was still there, crying so loud that all I wanted was to just hold her thigh. We drove off and I didn't looked away. When she was out of the picture a single tear dropped on my jeans what made me unable to not cry. ''Bye, Kate. I'll promise that I'll come back.''

''Who are you talking to?'' My dad said with a bitter voice. I hadn't notice that they were in the cab. I didn't want them to see me crying so I turned my face to the window wiping my eyes.

''No one.'' And the whole way to the airport I decided to be just quiet... And on the airport... And the way to our new house... Just hold on for two years, Ryan. Then you can leave Sydney again and go back home.


''Ryan John.'' All I could think of when the principal called my name was home. Back to the U.K. Finally! I finished school and I could go back to my friends and maybe Kate to.

''Thank you.'' I said to the principal who handed over my diploma. Before he could say anything I walked off the stage and went home.


''Of course I didn't wait for her, I mean I would have to wait for 2 years?!''

''Ah shit, what did you do? How many did you do? Hahaha.'' Aron said on the other side of the phone. His voice was curious and somewhere a bit angry, even though he laughed.

''Hey, listen.'' I raised my voice a bit, trying to be intimidating. ''I'm not a sex addict but I'm not a fucking munk. And how the hell would Kate find out that I had some one nightstands?''

--short silent--

''She won't. She's so stupidly in love with me that...'' I cutted my self off. What? Love? Love doesn't exists. It's fake. Marriage is fake. It's for people like my parents, people trying to get money the easy way. The cruel way.

''Ryan? Dude, you still there?''

''Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna pack my bags. Want to surprise her. I guess I'm kind off making everything okey by doing that, right?''

''... Right. I guess... Uuh-I see you later, Ryan?''

''Yeah. Oh by the way, would you pick me up at the airport?''

''I'll text when I'm there, -k? Bye dude.''

I hung up and immideatly got called by Charlotte. My smile grew immediately 3 times bigger. Charlotte was a beautiful brunette with green eyes. God, the nights we had. She was amazing, the funny thing was that she really thought we were together. You know what, I'm going to say goodbye. Or maybe goodnight.


Brian: Hey, where are you. I've been waiting here forever now.

Brian: Fuck I'm gonna get some coffee, if you're looking for me it's right near the exit.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, I'm coming. I'm going towards the exit right now so, meet you in a sec.

I looked around to see Brian at a coffee shop. Alone. Weird, cause somewhere I hoped Kate was with him.

''Hey man. How are you?!'' Brian spotted me and walked towards me seance able full with athousiasm.

''Hey, good, I'm good. You?'' I was still looking around for Kate but I couldn't find her.

''A little distracted, aren't you? Are you looking for Kate?'' I was distracted, even though I heard what he said I didn't awnser and stared blackly at a girl who could be her. I wasn't close enough and not sure if it was her.

''Yeah, she's not here, bro.'' Now I just stared at him with an not so intelligent look on my face.

''Come, we got a surprise.'' Brain said while he started laughing. When I didn't move he started pushing me towards the exit.

''I'm walking, I'm walking okey?''


They all knew how much i loved partying and since I was popular there were a lot of hot girls. Even though al those girls were like really hot, I knew also that Kate had to be here somewhere and if I would cheat a front of her... The house being full of people made it hard for me to breathe. Outside like almost right in front of the door I found her. She was beautiful. She looked so much better than 2 years ago.

''Hey, babe, what's wrong?'' I said when I noticed that she was actually crying.

''I'm homeless now. She threw me on the streets. She made me chose between you and her. I don't... I-I...''

''Hey, hey. Shhh...'' I cupped her face in my hands making her look at me. Those eyes made me feel so powerful. She needed me. ''i t's going to be okay.'' I whispered. ''You're mine. I live on my own now. Come live with me. I'll take care of you, baby.''

So hey, I normally don't do this but if you want more please comment so I know I'm not doing this for my dog. Also I'm sorry for being slow but I have a stressing life and not that much time. Good news for people who actually read my crap vacation coming so I'll have more time. Btw I don't even have a dog, so you better keep on reading...😉😄😁😘

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