The Dragons Prophesy

This is a story about a boy named Allan Hetja. He is taken to a magical world named Gandur, which he has to save from the evil wizard Domiel in order to bring his mother back from the dead.


2. The secret of the black cat

When he was done wishing everybody a good vacation, he started walking towards Hanna’s kindergarten like he did everyday after school, because his dad worked late hours as a mechanic at the local garage. He enjoyed picking up his sister, the kindergarten teachers were always so friendly towards him, they often lauded him for being such a good brother. Suddenly he heard a faint sound coming from the bushes. The black cat emerged from behind, which made him stop instantly. They stared at each other for a few seconds before he cat elegantly turned his back on him and started walking slowly in the opposite direction. After a few meters it stopped at looked at him again, as if it wanted him to follow. His feet felt like they were nailed to the ground. The cat exclaimed a shrilling ‘meow’ and its’ big black pupils almost covered the yellow eyes. Allan took at step towards the cat and it quickly started walking again. Allan followed it through the entire neighbourhood, he had forgotten all about picking up his little sister, his mind was only focusing on the black cat, he almost felt as if he was in some kind of trance. The cats’ ears were bent back, “It probably wants to be sure I’m following” he thought.
When they reached the small river at the edge of the town the cat stopped. Allan scouted the place with his eyes. He saw that the cat had stopped right by the little Stonebridge he used to play around as a child, this river was perfect for stream-fishing and on good days he used to catch toads. The cat got up on the edge of the bridge and before his brain could even understand what was going on, the cat had jumped into the water. Allan was frozen, but he had a strong urge to follow the cat, and without even noticing, he had also jumped into the water. It was cold and a lot deeper than he thought; his feet couldn’t touch the ground. His body felt like a rock and he just sunk deeper and deeper. He forgot what was up and what was down, and in the confusion he almost tried to take a breath. He felt some waves hit his body, they pulled him to all sides. Just as he thought he would drown, his body felt lighter and he flapped his arms eagerly to reach the surface. The first breath of air filled his lungs, it was a big relief. “Where am I?” He said, assuming no one could hear him. He was no longer in the small river right outside the suburban area, it didn’t even seem like he was in Moosonee anymore. He swam towards the shore and laid down on the warm sand trying to catch his breath until he eventually passed out.
“Hey! Davice, he’s waking up!” Allan’s eyes felt like anvils, but when he sensed to shapes, he forced his eyes up. Two strange looking men were watching him. He quickly jumped out of the bed, but he became dizzy and had to sit down again. “Easy there boy!” one of them shouted in a friendly tone while puffing his shoulder. “You’ve had quite the journey,” the other one said, “It ain’t easy the first time..” Allan looked at them and wanted to ask them who they were, but he couldn’t find the words. “Wh…where am I?” He muttered. The two men looked at each other, none of them cared to answer his question. “This is just some freaky dream..” He whispered, “I must’ve hit my head…” The two men laughed. When he finally regained control of his body he stood up, until then he hadn’t noticed how short the two men were, they looked like they were almost 50cm shorter than him. “Who are you?” he asked. “I am Davice” one of them said. Davice had blonde stubbles and shoulder-long blonde hair, his eyes were black as coal and he was wearing medieval looking clothes. “I am Cailean, we are here to tell you why you are here before you meet our queen, Royea.” Cailean looked similar to Davice, except for his giant beard and his hair, which was as red as a mailbox. Allan looked at them as if they where crazy, which they truly seemed. He did not know what to ask, he just sat there, speechless, hoping they’d say something. “The poor kid is stunned!” Davice said giggling. “Don’t worry kiddo, we ain’t gonna hurt you!... Maybe we should go get Laya, she might be better at this..” Cailean nodded and walked out of the room. 

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