The Dragons Prophesy

This is a story about a boy named Allan Hetja. He is taken to a magical world named Gandur, which he has to save from the evil wizard Domiel in order to bring his mother back from the dead.


3. The Dragons Prophesy

After several minutes of awkward silence, Cailean walked through the door again, but he wasn’t alone. Behind him was a beautiful woman, she was about twice the height of Cailean and she had long silver hair that almost reached her thighs. Her eyes were big and yellow. “Just like the cat!” Allan thought. “Oh, Laya, there you are, long time no see!” Davice said while shaking Laya’s hands. His eyes were exuding absolute admiration. “Is this the boy?” Laya said while her eyes scanned his body. “Yes ma’am, he just came in a quarter ago”
“Oh, I see…” she said thoughtfully. “Leave us alone” her hand gestured towards the door. Cailean and Davice quickly left without questioning her command. “So, you are the boy the dragon speaks of?” She said while walking around the room, Allan could tell, that she didn’t want him to answer. “Have you ever heard of Sarkany?” She asked. Allan didn’t know what to say, he found the name familiar, but did not remember. Laya rolled her eyes and picked up a little rock. “Sarkany is a mighty dragon, he causes rain, thunder and lightning. No one has ever lived to say how his eyes look, because they have all turned to stone. Some say he used to be a human, but some say he has always been a scaled shape of evil itself.” She looked at Allan, as if she expected him to be terrified.
“He has foretold a prophesy; he claims that a young human boy, carrying your name, will defeat the dark wizard Domiel, who has cast his shadows upon us by stealing the stone of serenity.”
She stopped and gazed upon him again. He didn’t know what to say, was this all a big joke? Allan knew dragons and wizards didn’t exist, but something in her eyes, and this place, made it all seem so real. Allan was speechless, the only rational explanation was, that this was all a dream, a sick, realistic dream. “Wh…where am I?” he muttered. Laya looked at him with her yellow eyes. She turned around and looked at a giant map on the wall, Allan hadn’t noticed it before. On the map there were different islands spread across a giant ocean. There were drawings of mythical creatures on each island, and there was even a giant water serpent. Laya continued to look at the map; “This is Gandur, it consists of four regions, there’s The Dragons Isles..” Her long thin finger pointed at three little islands in the edge of the map. “Then there’s The Isles of serenity, The Isles of redemption and at last, The Spirits islands, that’s where we are.” She pointed at two islands in the map. “We are on Dalur, the second biggest island in all of Gandur.” She pointed at a huge island, the shape was similar to the shape of a diamond. Allan didn’t know what to think, he just sat quietly, waiting for Laya to speak. She turned around again, and sat next to him. “The reason why you’re here, Allan..” She placed her hand on his shoulders and looked deep into his eyes. “.. is that you are the only one who can save us from chaos. If Domiel succeeds, he will take advantage of the chaos he has created, and crown himself king of Gandur, this will create eternal darkness in our land.” She removed her hand and looked away, she didn’t want him to see her cry, but Allan could see the tears running down her rosy cheek. “We have to take action straight away, chaos has already erupted on Aiatar island.” Allan looked at the giant map, and saw that Aiatar Island was in the Isles of redemption region. There was an odd drawing on the island, is resembled a deer, but it had fangs and looked rather dangerous. “The wildlife has gone mad, and the inhabitants crops aren’t sufficient.” She looked at Allan with true sadness and worry in her eyes. “I’m sorry, but you must have gotten the wrong person, I’m not the saviour you’re speaking of! Please! I just want to go home!” Laya sighed and bit her lips firmly before she said: “I know this is a lot to swallow Allan. But this is your destiny, you belong here, this is your home…” Allan stayed silent for a few seconds; he didn’t know what to say. “What do you mean? How can this be my home? I haven’t even been here before!” Laya sat down beside him once again and pulled a little piece of paper out of her pocket. “I brought this with me, I thought you’d want to see it” she showed him the picture. Allan looked curiously at it, it was an old picture of a woman. She was beautiful, her hair was thick and blonde and her eyes were blue as the clearest summer sky, just like his. Her recognized those eyes, because they were the loving eyes of his mother. She was smiling in the picture she seemed sincerely happy. A tear rolled down Allan’s cheek. “This… This is...” he couldn’t say the word. “You’re mom…” Laya said softly as she stroked his shoulder. “She is from Gandur, Allan.” She said. Allan immediately doubted her, how could that be true? His mother was just an ordinary woman from an ordinary family. “Your mother was very special Allan,” Laya said, as if she could read his thoughts. “But…” Allan said. “How come she never told me? How about my father? Me? My sister?!” Laya looked at him with comforting eyes. “It’s a long story Allan, but as far as we know; both your father and sister are humans.” Allan was somehow relieved, because he didn’t want them to get involved in this ‘world’. “But, my mother… she lived in the human world.” He said thinking that it would be enough to prove that Laya was wrong about her. Laya took a deep breath and said: “Your mother was one of our best witches, she was powerful and brave. She dedicated her life to keep Gandur safe. But one day she was sent on a mission to the human world. That’s when she met your father. She fell in love, even though I tried to talk her out of it, but she still married him even though she knew the consequences.” What consequences?” Allan asked. “She was never to return to Gandur and her memory would be wiped in order for her to stay with her love in the human world, and she consented to this.” Allan couldn’t believe it, his mother was a witch? But how was that even possible? He wanted to say something, he wanted to prove her wrong, but he couldn’t. “I still just want to go home, I can’t do this, you must have gotten something wrong.” He placed his head in his hands, he was getting frustrated and confused. “Do not deny your destiny young Allan.” Laya said, her voice was very serious. “I knew you would resist, and that is why I have made a deal with queen Royea.” Allan looked at her, what could she possibly say that would surprise him now? “Queen Royea has made a deal with Moribito, the guardian of the spirits.” She stopped to take yet another deep breath before she continued. “Moribito guards the spirit abyss on Andi. That is where your mother is.” Allan’s eyes widened. “But my mother died years ago!” He stood up from the couch. “Easy Allan,” Laya said. “The spirit abyss is placed deep in the caves of Andi. That is where Moribito keeps all of the spirits from the human world, spirits who have left their physical bodies, that’s where your mother is.” Allan fell down on the couch again, his arms were resting on his stomach, he didn’t know what to do with them. “Moribito has never, and I mean it when I say never, brought a spirit back from the abyss, but we placed him with an ultimatum, it was either your mothers spirit or all of Gandur, and of course he didn’t have a choice.” Allan just stared at the little picture which was still in his hands, he was shaking. “I’ll do it.” He said with determination in his voice. “I’ll do it for my mother.” He said. Laya nodded. “Very well.” She said. “I will discuss the matter with you in the morning, but now you have to sleep young one, you have a long day ahead of you.” She turned around and left the room. Allan was left alone. He laid down in the bed and and tugged himself in a large fur fleece while he looked into the wooden ceiling. “When I wake up…” he whispered. “I will be home in my own bed.” He closed his eyes and fell asleep. 

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