The Dragons Prophesy

This is a story about a boy named Allan Hetja. He is taken to a magical world named Gandur, which he has to save from the evil wizard Domiel in order to bring his mother back from the dead.


5. The curse of the Mountain Dragon

“Whoah, what is happening!?” he screamed. When he regained his sight, he was no longer in the golden castle, he was at the bottom of a huge rocky mountain. The bird was still on his hand, looking at him, with big red eyes. Suddenly the ground started moving, even though it was solid rock. Little shapes started emerging from the ground. Allan quickly jumped away, not knowing if he should run. The rocks took the shape of small men, they almost reached Allan’s knees in height. “Who is he?” one of the stone-men said. “I don’t know” another one said. Soon they all started muttering and whispering to each other. “Stop!” Allan said firmly. “I’m Allan, I am here to return the stone of serenity to her majesty Royea.” The little men looked at each other again. “SCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” one of them said. “They might hear you!” they all looked around, as if they expected something to jump at them. “Who?” Allan asked. One of the stone-men took a step toward him and said: “you have to follow us, we aren’t safe here” Allan shut his mouth and followed the stone-men. Some of them disappeared into the ground again, and only a few remained to lead him to safety. Allan was fascinated by how they were one with the rocky ground, they almost made the rocks look like water when they emerged from it, they seemed so liquid but still, they were rock hard. They took Allan and Fuego to a large and rather creepy looking cave. “We’ll be safe here for a while” One of them said, while looking around nervously. “Hurry up inside!” Allan went into the cave with Fuego sitting calmly on his shoulder. It was a bit dark inside the cave, but Fuego’s flame lit it up a bit. Suddenly a little stone-man took a step forward, the other ones moved out of his way. “You must be looking for the stone.” He said. “We are very glad you came, we too have felt the horrors of the chaos, the animals have gone berserk! Even the ground and the sky can’t be trusted” He said as he looked into the ground. “But you,” he looked at Allan with hope in his small round eyes. “You can save us boy, you are our only hope!” he turned around and all of the stone-men started applauding.  Fuego’s flame seemed to get bigger and brighter, and if Allan had one, he was sure his would too. “We will help you,” One of them said. “But there is only so much we can do…” Allan looked at Fuego and then at the stone-man. “Well…” he said. “Unless the bird has a plan, I’m pretty much clueless, I don’t even know where I am...” The stone-man grinned. “You are on Dreki, the rockiest island of the three islands the dragon isles consist of!” he smiled, he almost sounded like he was trying to sell the place. “This is where Sarkany lives, personally, I haven’t ever seen him, but who has?” he grinned. “And sadly, this is where Domiel is as well, but not for much longer, ehh?” he winked jokingly at Allan. “No…I guess not…” Allan said. Another stone-man gently pushed him aside and said: “I shall personally take you to the edge of the forest, I will bring my best men.” He bowed and stepped out of the cave. Allan followed the stone-man, and three of his best men to the edge of a forest, it was a very odd looking one. The trees weren’t very high, but they were unbelievably thick. “This is as far as we can go,” he looked at Allan and smiled. “Good luck” he bowed once again and disappeared into the ground with the others. “I guess we’re on our own from here huh?” Allan said. He wasn’t sure if he was talking to Fuego or himself, but he didn’t really care. He walked into the forest, it was very dense, and silent. “Quite silent for a forest…” Allan thought. But he wasn’t alone; something was stalking him. Suddenly a shrilling scree came from Fuego. He flapped his wings violently. “What’s wrong?” Allan said, while looking around. He couldn’t see anything. All of the sudden Fuego was silenced; he looked intensively at a large tree in front of them. Behind the tree a pair of green eyes appeared, with the pupils were like those of a cat. The creature slowly stepped out of the shadows, it was a large lizard-like being. The scales where shimmering in the sun. Fuego started stepping nervously around on Allan’s shoulder, as the creature slithered closer. The big lizard stood on its hind legs, and roared, as a pair of large wings unfolded. Allan stepped backwards and Fuego’s head started spinning in all directions. That’s when Allan saw, that they were surrounded by the lizards. They came closer and closer, he couldn’t run, he was trapped. Their eyes were threatening, there was no doubt, these creatures were evil minded.  The big one jumped up in the air, and launched at him, he could hear the flap of its wings and a long growl, Allan closed his eyes and waited for the pain. But he didn’t feel anything. He opened his eyes again, and saw that the dragon had stopped right in front of him, and before he knew it, they all slowly backed back into the shades of the trees. Allan looked at Fuego, but he looked just as confused as Allan was. Suddenly he heard someone screaming, it sounded kind of like what Allan imagined a Native American would sound like. The ground started shaking, and he heard the sound of hoofs. Allan almost fainted when he saw what came out of the woods. It was about 15 centaurs. Half men and half horses, Allan remembered reading about them in a fantasy book in the fourth grade. They all stopped a couple of meters away from him. A dark brown muscular centaur with long dark brown hair took a step toward him. There was complete silence until he spoke; “How did you get rid of the dragons?” he asked bluntly. Allan looked around him, he was almost surrounded by the centaurs, they all waited for him to answer. “I…I don’t know” Allan answered. “He should have been dead!” A fawn centaur stepped out of the crowd he looked very young. “Silence Oreius!” The dark one yelled. “But….” “No buts! We all know he shouldn’t have survived a dragon attack, but the boy doesn’t know!” The dark horse balked. “But how do you know he isn’t lying? What if he’s Domiel’s servant?” Oreius said. All of the centaurs looked at him, as if they expected him to jump at them any minute. “I’m not a servant of Domiel!” Allan said. “I’ve come to return the stone of serenity to queen Royea!” The centaurs looked at Allan, and then at the dark centaur. “We better take him with us, just in case…” the dark horse said while looking concentrated at Allan. “No!” Allan said. “I have to find Domiels castle!” He stepped down his foot to show that he would stand his ground; he wasn’t going to be led away by a herd of horsemen. Fuego felt his anger and determination, so his flame grew bigger and warmer. “All right boy,” the dark horse said while walking around him in circles. “We will take you to Domiels castle, but if you pull any tricks on us, you are a dead boy, do you understand?” he stopped right in front of Allan, putting his head in front of his. Allan nodded eagerly. “Fine, we ride now, you can sit on Oreius’ back” The dark horse looked at Oreius, it was obvious that it was his punishment for stepping up. Oreius kneeled before Allan, which enabled him to get on his back. Oreius was more muscular than he seemed at first.


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