The Dragons Prophesy

This is a story about a boy named Allan Hetja. He is taken to a magical world named Gandur, which he has to save from the evil wizard Domiel in order to bring his mother back from the dead.


6. A magical secret

Allan soon found that balancing was harder then he first thought, even Fuego was struggling on his shoulder.  “So, you’re the human from the prophecy?” Oreius asked. Allan was surprised he had even heard of the prophecy, because none of the centaurs seemed to believe him. “Yeah, I guess…” he answered. “So…how are you going to do it? How are you going to get the stone back?” Oreius started walking a bit slower to make sure no one eavesdropped. “Well… to be honest, I have no idea.” Allan said. Oreius stopped. “Wait, what?” He asked. “Are you telling me, that you are going to waltz in to Domiels living room without a plan?” he started walking again. “Well… yes, that’s kind of the plan” Allan said. “So far I’ve just gone with the wind.” Oreius grunted in disapproval. “Suit yourself,” he said. “Maybe Myrki was right, maybe you’re not him..” Allan didn’t know what to say, there was nothing he could do to prove himself right. After a while they arrived at the edge of the forest, instead a big flat meadow stretched as far as the eye could reach. Myrki placed himself beside Allan and said: “This is as far as we go, boy.” He looked at Allan. “You’re on your own from this point. Allan jumped of Oreius and looked at the empty meadow. “But…where is the...” He turned around, only to see the tails of a herd of centaurs galloping back into the forest. He looked at Fuego. “Well, I guess we’re alone again” He said while stroking him. He started walking, he didn’t know what else to do. The meadow seemed endless, “How am I going to do this? I am nothing but a boy from the suburbs, I can’t even handle my mathematics teacher, how am I supposed to defeat a dark wizard?” He fell down to his knees and was on the edge of surrender. Fuego screeched softly and buried his head in Allan’s pocket. Allan try to push him away, but instead a little piece of paper fell out, it was the picture of his mother. He picked it up and looked at it. “I’m doing this for you mom” he said as he stood up, feeling the new boost of motivation he got from the thought of seeing his mother again. He clung on to the picture as he took the next step. After he had walked a while a huge stone appeared. “This must mean something.” He thought as he ran toward the stone. Something was written on it, but it was hard to read, it appeared to be some sort of riddle.

I am hidden from your sight
I hide in the brightest light
Find me you might

But only in the darkest night of nights.


Allan sighed; he was terrible at riddles. “at night?” he muttered. “Oh god, I hope we don’t have to wait here until the sun sets!” he said. But he couldn’t figure out what else to do, he couldn’t control the light. He closed his eyes tight, imagining a dark night, there was nothing, not even the moon was lighting up the darkness. He didn’t know why he imagined this, but it just seemed right. When he opened his eyes he was chocked to see that everything was dark. “I’m blind!” he thought, he couldn’t see himself or Fuego or anything. Suddenly the ground started shaking, and a black building started emerging from the ground. It was darker than the darkest shade of black. When the building reached its full height, Allan could see it was a castle, suddenly torches with fire appeared, and Allan regained his eyesight, the sky got clearer and Fuego reappeared, but he was no longer in the same meadow. Fuego’s flame faded a little bit; he looked really frightened. “Its okay Fuego,” Allan said. “We’re just going to find the rock, and get the hell out of here!” Allan took a step toward the castle, as his foot touched the ground the gates swung open. Allan hesitated a little bit; this didn’t make sense, why would Domiel willingly let him in? Then it struck him, Domiel knew he was coming, of course he had heard of the prophecy, he was probably just going to kill him, so his evil regime could continue. Allan stopped, his feet refused to take another step. Fuego screeched violently and started pecking Allan’s shoulder. “Ouch!” Allan screamed at he pushed Fuego away. Fuego didn’t stop he pecked Allan continuously; Allan could tell he wanted Allan to walk, but he just couldn’t. After a while Fuego stopped, he flew in front of Allan and flapped his wings. Flames were spread everywhere, until it was the only thing Allan could see. He realised that he had to do it, the flames inspired him, they somehow gave him energy and motivation. He stroked Fuego and placed him on his shoulder again. He took another step, the sound echoed through the hall. The room was very dark, it almost looked like a luxurious haunted horror house like from the movies. Suddenly a deep and creepy laugh filled the room, it gave Allan Goosebumps, he could feel that Fuego was uncomfortable. A tall man appeared at the top of a staircase step, he slowly walked down and each step appeared before his feet. He was wearing a long black suit, it almost looked like some kind of robe. On his shoulder there was a black little monkey, it looked like a lemur, it had big yellow-brown eyes. “So…you are Allan?” he said as he smeared on a big grin. “We have been awaiting you, isn’t that right Ondi?” he stroked the lemur gently, without removing his eyes from Allan. In his hand he had a long wooden staff, at the top it curled around a shimmering purple little rock. “So.. who told you to come here? Oh… I know? Was it Royea?” he laughed, “She has always underestimated me! Does she seriously think that a little boy can defeat me?” he looked at Allan’s feet, and his eyes moved all the way up, until they met Allan’s. “Do you even know how to cast a simple spell?” he laughed again. “I didn’t think so! You probably don’t even know why they put that big turkey on your shoulder, HA! That’s so Royea..” he rested his head in his palm. Allan honestly didn’t know what to say, he could only listen to what Dolmir had to say. Allan felt stupid, Dolmir was right, no one had told him anything. “Do you even have a staff? Of course you don’t” he circled Allan. “They really haven’t told you anything.” Allan didn’t know what to say, he had so many questions, he hadn’t had time to think about all of this earlier, something had happened all of the time, but now, Domiel illustrated how little he actually knew. “Why would I need a staff?” Allan asked. “Well… I just assumed you were a wizard; otherwise that flaming turkey of yours wouldn’t make any sense! You see, every wizard has to have a companion, like a biological carrier of their magic..” he looked at Ondi. “And this magic is led through a magical item, not necessarily a staff, it could also be a rock, or a ring or anything you could imagine, its called a macra. Actually the stone of serenity is a macra, it belonged to the old king of Gandur, Fadir. When he died, he left all of his great magical powers into this stone, to protect Gandur. But I think he was wrong, I want to use it to rule! There will be order in the chaos!” he said. Allan was confused; he didn’t understand any of it. How could he be a wizard? And if he was one, how come he didn’t have a macra? “You don’t seem like much of a threat, but I’m afraid I’ll have to kill you, I won’t underestimate Sarkany’s prophecy. I’m sorry kid.” He pointed his staff at Allan, and the purple rock started glowing. Fuego started flapping his wings, but Allan just stood there, as if he was paralyzed. “Maybe I should just do what I did with the dragons” he thought. He closed his eyes, and imagined a shield protecting him and Fuego. He saw a glimpse of light and a little ball of light fading. “How did you do that?!” Domiel screamed. He tried to zapp Allan again, but the little ball of light coming out of his staff, merely faded away. “It’s not possible!” he screamed while jumping around. “Ondi! Get the bird!” the little lemur jumped of Domiel’s shoulder and went for Fuego. Allan wanted to protect him, but Domiel kept casting spells at him. Allan once again closed his eyes, and imagined a bright light that would fill the room and paralyse Domiel and his lemur. The very second he opened his eyes, a light shot from his body and hit everything in the room. Fuego stopped fighting, because his opponent had fallen to the ground. Domiel was also paralyzed. Allan walked toward him, picked up his staff and took out the little rock.. He all of the sudden knew exactly what to do, he went out of the castle without thinking about Domiel for a even a splitsecond, closed his eyes, and imagined another bright light, but this time it pointed up into the sky. He knew someone would see it, and understand what it meant. So he just sad down with Fuego beside him. He knew Domiel wouldn’t wake up anytime soon, but how he knew, was a mystery, even to himself. “What an adventure, huh Fuego?” he said while playing with Fuego’s flames. “Wonder what happens next.” And there they sat, watching the sky, waiting for someone to see what he had done. Awaiting the next step. Awaiting the next surprise, the next chapter. “I’m coming for you mom, he whispered as he held the picture firmly in his hand. “I’m coming.”

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