Camena Vita Explorationis

Poetry written at the dark hours of night and through the cold winds of winter, and poetry written in the glorious sunlight and through summer's warm array. The title of this book, "Camena Vita Explorationis" translates into "Poetry of the Searching" from Latin. "Battle" and "Dear Mr. Gove" are both published poems.


10. untitled

My hairs stand on edge
as I sit at the edge of my seat
I didn't think it would come to this,
but you lie, you're full of deceit
Yet I still wait, wait, impatiently wait
Grasping your back and protecting your heart, 
saying "it's all going to be alright,"
But you refuse to acknowledge that
The suddenly, my nails aren't digging anymore
And your flesh is gone but so's your bone
And my tears are falling to the concrete floor
I'm all alone once more

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