Camena Vita Explorationis

Poetry written at the dark hours of night and through the cold winds of winter, and poetry written in the glorious sunlight and through summer's warm array. The title of this book, "Camena Vita Explorationis" translates into "Poetry of the Searching" from Latin. "Battle" and "Dear Mr. Gove" are both published poems.


5. The Little Black Dots

There are little black dots

under my eyes;

they devour my sight.

The dots, how the block out

all light.


There are little black dots

following me;

crawling around me hauntingly

.Chittering, chattering excessively;

I don’t like noise.

There are little black dots

touching me;

Feeling my hair annoyingly.

The dots, they make me shiver and quake;

Until I finally faint.


The little black dots are everywhere-

They won’t leave, hurtling anywhere-


And pushing me with them-

I am forced to integrate with the

little black dots

but they will slowly take over

my sight

I’m so blind, I can’t even see

The true motives

Of the tiny killers-to be


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