my only fried i have but never met him

its about two teen boys who go on the internet and become best friends when they blog about each other then realise they have a lot in common but what if your best friend is not who he says he is


2. why dident you meet me like you said

 James woke up and found a long message saying I am on the train now will explain everything to you when I arrive at 9am he looked at his clock it said 830 he rushed and ran to the train station this time he showed  up but  it was a girl not a guy um I thought your a guy I know that's why I couldn't meet you oh ok then. but I do really like everything I said she walked to get her bags and then gave James a hug I'm Miley James yeah you kinder look cool thanks im sorry I dident  tell you no prolem do you want to go for lunch shoire you kinda look like a one d fan what gave it away well you kinda  have the same hair stlyeas zayne ahh thankyou and it easy to talk to you  they went to pizza hut and had lunch its nice to finally meet you know right I have something to tell you though I hope we can still be friends end of part 2

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