my only fried i have but never met him

its about two teen boys who go on the internet and become best friends when they blog about each other then realise they have a lot in common but what if your best friend is not who he says he is


1. the bloger

it was the Saturday morning James woke up at 7am he said to himself today is the day I start a blog.  saw he wrote all about himself and after 20 minutes. this comment come up wow love your blog we shoed be friends. We have a lot in common he wrote back and said shore they chatted none stop in the evening. James its saw strange I kinder know you but I don't I have never seen you before I know right  he went to sleep the next morning he had message morning buddy how are you I'm good we shoed meet some time I not to shore about this why not. trust me Im a really nice guy and you seem like a really nice teen ok then fine meet me by the train station at 11am tomorrow James screamed yes see you buddy.  the guy was really worried it was the next morning James got up and got dressed and went to the train station he waited for 20 minutes nobody showed up when he went back home. He left a comment on his blog saying what happened I thought you where coming down  . I didn't want to why not ill send you a letter to explain everything see you tomorrow.  ok bye  max thinking wait that's a nice name e read his profile but something was weird why didn't he come to meet me this morning end of part 1

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