One Loss, one love

The famous Justin Bieber donates money to a fond, when he hears about Peyton who lost her twin sister in a car accident.

What will happen when Peyton meets Justin. She's never really been a huge fan, but always respected him very much.


1. Prologue

Everybody, I'm Peyton, I'm 18 years old. And I just lost my twin sister last week. She died in a car accident.

This is my story and it's a true love story.

It's about me, my family and my sister. She was something to herself, very special. But in her own very good way.

My twin sister, Abbie I can't even describe her in 3 words. She always stood there when I needed help and when I needed a shoulder to cry on she didn't mind mascara on her shirt. A true friend and sister. It was two in one. No one will ever be able to take her place.

We tried getting money donated for my sisters operation. But her heart suddenly stopped and nothing was left to do. We had to say goodbye, for the last time ever.

This is where the love of my life comes into the picture.


Now that you have heard a little about how it all happened and stuff. Let me know if you wanna know what plans I have with this movella. :)




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