Conversations With Myself

If you're looking for a proper story - one with a plot and suspense and a bunch of other stuff, walk away NOW. If you're looking for some deep and meaningful movella where the title has some hidden meaning, run away as fast as you can. I mean what I say; these are literally conversations with myself.


2. Conversations on this movella

Bubbles: Righteo, time for the first chapter.


Argument: technically, it's the second.


Bubbles: But the first was more of an intro, really.


Violence: And what a fantastic intro that was.


Hippie: Violence! What have I told you about

using sarcasm? It messes with the flow, man.


Violence: If you think that messes with the flow, just wait-


*Violence shuts up at a glare from Bubbles*


Drama: While we're on the fascinating subject of the introduction, can I just make one tiny complaint? It's more of a suggestion, really.


Bubbles: *cautiously* what is it?


Drama: Rewrite the whole thing.


All: What?! Why?! That took us forever to write!


Argument: Actually, it took us about twenty minutes.


Bubbles: That's not the point!


Drama: What can I say, it's terrible! Throw-this-out-before-it-turns-our-brains-to-goo terrible! It is a tragedy that our dear, beloved readers must read such trash!


Violence: *Smirks*  I told you so.


Argument: You know that our 'readers' are one person who favourited, 2 likes and only a few comments.


Violence: Well, that's breaking records for popularity.


Drama: You know what I mean! It's just that... I'm not sure how I should put this...


Bubbles: Spit it out already!


Drama: There's not enough me!!! I mean, have you seen my introduction? It's tiny! It's the smallest out of everyone's!


Bubbles: Seriously? That's what you're complaining about?


Hippie: Concentrating on material, self-involved things like that will only lead to unhappiness within yourself.


Drama: Well, I think it's a perfectly valid complaint.


Bubbles: Violence, throw her to the Hell-Hounds.


Violence: Yes! Finally! *cackles evilly, dragging Drama out of the room*


Hippie: Guys, Violence is never the answer!


*Everyone ignores her completely*


Bubbles: Anyone else got a complaint??


Argument: Well, now that you mention it-


*shuts up at frantic gestures from the others*


Bubbles: Good.


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