Conversations With Myself

If you're looking for a proper story - one with a plot and suspense and a bunch of other stuff, walk away NOW. If you're looking for some deep and meaningful movella where the title has some hidden meaning, run away as fast as you can. I mean what I say; these are literally conversations with myself.


5. Conversations On The Evilness of Goldfish (and llamas. Again. This time they're green)



Hippie: *Sitting sedately atop a green llama* Good evening, my faithful disciples, It's been a while.


Argument: When you think about the bigger picture, it really hasn't been that long, Hippie.


Hippie: Ignore the nonbelievers, disciples, as they do not understand the mysterious mood I am trying to create and insist on being annoying.


bubbles: I don't know if it's the term disciples or the non-use of contractions, but I am getting a very bad feeling about this. Also, why are you on top of a llama?


Hippie: I'm testing how well their training is going, of course.


Bubbles: Alright, then why is it green?


Hippie: I just feel like llamas should be green, you know? Green is their colour, man.


Argument: There is absolutely no logic behind that statement.


Hippie: Is there any reason why they shouldn't be green?


Argument: Oh, uh - well, um...


Hippie: Exactly.


Argument: I give up.


Hippie: Anyway, my dear followers-


Bubbles: If you're going to have followers, you should at least name them. You can't keep calling them disciples or followers or whatever.


Hippie: Hmmm, you have a point. But what should I call them?                                                                                 *Looks down at llama, then back up again, then down another time*                                                                               I honestly have no idea.


Argument: Am I the only one who thinks that maybe that's a good thing?


*Conversation ends as a shrill, glass-shattering scream echoes through the... thing*


Bubbles: I guess Drama's home, then.


Drama: Everyone, I have terrible news! We're all going to DIE!


Argument: Like we were all going to die last time?


Drama: Exactly! Wait...


Hippie: Chill guys, it's all good - we'd reincarnate into a flower or something.


Drama: Doesn't anybody want to know WHY we're going to die?


Hippie: Hmm, I still need a name for my disciples.


Bubbles: Considering we didn't want to know the last dozen times-


Drama: It's because of the Goldfish!


Argument: *Muttering* Of course it is...


Bubbles: Uh... Why Goldfish, exactly?


Drama: Well, remember how our friend - how about we refer to her as Goldfish from now on, ok? - was the planned sacrifice for the aliens? Apparently she heard about it and has amassed  an army of evil Goldfish to fight back!


Argument: Why EVIL Goldfish? Goldfish aren't evil, are they?


Hippie: *Steering her wandering llama back towards the others* Actually, they are. You can feel it in their auras. 


Argument: Ok then, but how does an army of evil Goldfish lead to our deaths?


Drama: Thanks to Violence being a general in the Alien-Illuminati army, we're at the top of their hit list!


Argument: Huh. So we really could die. And at the hands of Goldfish, too. Not how I thought I would go.


Drama: No! I refuse to die at the hands of fish! Stock the secret bunker, we have to prepare for the worst!


Hippie: Llamas! That's it! I'll call my disciples llamas!


Bubbles: I really, REALLY need a vacation.





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