Conversations With Myself

If you're looking for a proper story - one with a plot and suspense and a bunch of other stuff, walk away NOW. If you're looking for some deep and meaningful movella where the title has some hidden meaning, run away as fast as you can. I mean what I say; these are literally conversations with myself.


4. Conversations on movies, aliens, conspiracy theories and llamas.

Bubbles: Hi everyone, I hadn't intended on updating this because, you know... It's weird... But, there is something I've (we've, whatever) got to get off my chest. Have any of you seen the trailer for that new movie, 'Inside Out', or whatever it's called? If you have, I think you know where I'm going with this...

...It's obvious to us all what's been going on here...

Drama: It's  been created by the aliens who probed into our mind from their spaceship and saw inside our head! They've clearly made a movie about it because we're just that awesome! To think, it was all because we forgot to wear my foil hat to school that one day!

Bubbles: That is NOT what I was going to say.

Drama: But that is CLEARLY what happened! I mean, there is absolutely no other possible way that movie could have been created! None!

Argument: heh-hem (or however you write that sound), if you'll forgive my intrusion into your little rant, Drama, I would just like to point out a few things.

Bubbles: *Sighs* here we go.

Argument: You stated there was absolutely no way they could have created the movie otherwise. This statement is clearly incorrect.

Bubbles: We really shouldn't have joined the debate team. It's just encouraged her.

Argument: Don't you think That they could have come up with that little idea all on their own? Voices in heads aren't an unheard thing, you know. Oh, by the way, I still maintain that the foil hat is stupid.

Drama: But, Argumeeeeeeeent! That's obviously what happened! And the foil hat is not stupid, it protects us from the aliens!

Bubbles: Aliens don't exist, Drama.

Drama: Yes they do! Violence said so!

Argument: ... Excuse me?...

Drama: It's true! I heard her talking to someone named Fat Tony. She said that their leaders in the Illuminati were co-operating with the aliens for when they invaded Earth! Then Fat Tony said that their leader, Agent Wookie, would not be happy that they had not already reported their progress on preparing the sacrifice for when the aliens come!


Bubbles: Are you trying to tell us that not only are aliens real and invading, but that they are working in cahoots with the Illuminati, that Violence and some stranger named Fat Tony are apart of it, that they are planning on sacrificing somebody, AND that they are led by somebody named Wookie, which is the name of our friend's two-year-old brother?

Drama: He is clearly a very intelligent and resourceful two-year-old.

Argument: May I please be the first to say that this is ridiculous?

Bubbles: Look Drama, I think this may be your overactive imagination at work. 

Argument: Again.

Drama: No, no, I can prove it! VIOOOOLEEEEEENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*A dishevelled blob that is barely passable for a human being walks into the - well, walks in, anyway*

Violence: I swear, if this is something stupid, Drama, there won't be five voices in this head after tonight.

Argument: You think everything is stupid, Violence.

Violence: Good point. Things aren't really looking good for drama, are they?

Drama: Tell them about what you're planning with Fat Tony and the Illuminati! 

Violence: *laughs nervously* I have, err, absolutely no idea what you're, uh, talking about, um, I guess!

Argument: Wait, what Drama said is actually true?!

Violence: Er, No! Of, uh, course not! I'm definitely not working for the two-year-old leader of the Illuminati! Or planning on sacrificing our friend to appease the aliens! And I definitely know Fat Tony! Er, I mean, don't know!

Bubbles: We're doomed.

Violence: We, uh, were talking about that movie right? The one with the voices? I definitely agree with you! I mean, That red one with the mustache was exactly like me! Except I'm a girl. And I have no mustache. 

Drama: We're all going to die! The aliens are going to invade!

Argument: Actually Violence, you're exactly like the red one. Including the mustache.

Bubbles: Don't be ridiculous, Drama! We are NOT going to die. That's clearly what the sacrifice is for.


Drama: We're going to die, we're going to die, we're going to-

Argument: Don't worry, most people are too busy looking at your monobrow to notice it.

Bubbles: I hate my job.

Violence: Why you little -

Mysterious-stranger-who-is-ridiculously-skinny-and-wearing-a-beanie-and-a-face-full-of-acne: Err, is this a bad time? I was just here to update you about the llamas -

Violence: Shut it! They don't know about the illegal llama smuggling operation yet!

Argument: Uh, we do now.

Bubbles: Hey, has anyone seen Hippie? I haven't talked to her in a week.

Violence: What? Someone had to train the llamas!




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