Conversations With Myself

If you're looking for a proper story - one with a plot and suspense and a bunch of other stuff, walk away NOW. If you're looking for some deep and meaningful movella where the title has some hidden meaning, run away as fast as you can. I mean what I say; these are literally conversations with myself.


3. Conversations on Divergent factions (just because).

Ok everyone, this is how my voices would be divided up in Divergent (this is a random thing I thought up a few seconds ago when I'm just like, hey, 5 voices, 5 factions...).


OK, in my opinion this is how it would go:


Argument: Erudite, due to her logical thinking processes.


Violent: Dauntless, because she just wants to beat people up (a bit like Eric, actually...).


Hippie: Abnegation, because she is all about helping people find their inner happiness, man!

Drama: Amity - there's just something poetic about the beautiful farms, happiness and relaxed way of life.


Bubbles: Candor, because that's the only one left. Yeah, none of my voices are great with the whole honesty thing. Except for Argument, but there's no way she was going anywhere but Erudite.




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