Cant live without you

Harry styles girlfriend is jaime. It comes to the time in the year where harry has to go on tour for 7 months, jaime can't live without him for that long so she surprises him what will she do?!.•please read trust me it gets better•


2. what a day!


After mine and jaimes make out session we were making pancakes when suddenly she put her finger in the mixture and put it on my nose. Ohhh I will get you I said as I put my finger in the mixture and chased after her,she ran back into the kitchen and basically cornered herself:told you I would get you didn't i, I said to her OMG harry NO she said.

Before she could run I put it on her nose and we just stated into each others eyes until I leaned in and kissed her.

I picked her up by my hands being on the back of her calfs he was leaning against the wall as we made out I licked her bottom lip asking for enterance and she opened her mouth and let me in without fighting.

I carried her up to our room not breaking the kiss. She started undressing me as I did the same to her forts my pants were off then her shirt then my shirt then her shorts. Now we just layed there in our under garments still making out. Slowly I took off her underware followed by her bra soon after we were both laying there naked.

Harry! I want you she said, OMG harry please I need you I'm not gona get you for 7 months please harry. She begged

Baby you don't have to beg you want me just as much and I need you. Well you can guess what happened next........

*2 hours later*

Ever since the fun jaime and I had this morning she has been really quiet I guess it's because I'm leaving for 7 months I really don't know what I'm gona do without her she my life I'll miss her so much.

I started packing my suitcase as jaime walked into our room.



H:hey babe what's up

J:nothing much just.....

H: just what babe what's wrong you know you can tell me

J:I..I just don't want you to go harry I don't know what I'm gona do without you here

H: oh hun I don't want to wave wait her but I promise you I will FaceTime and message and call you when ever I can I will miss you so much

J: I love you harry more than anything and anyone on this planet

H: I love you more


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