Cant live without you

Harry styles girlfriend is jaime. It comes to the time in the year where harry has to go on tour for 7 months, jaime can't live without him for that long so she surprises him what will she do?!.•please read trust me it gets better•


7. negative?


I woke up from loud banging on the door.

HARRY OPEN UP yelled louis of course

I got out of bed and walked to the door and opened it

What do you want louis I said kinda angrily

Woow mate calm down just want to see if you and jaime want to go to the theme park with me and the boys today he's said excitedly

Um yeah sure we just need to do something first so we will meet you there later I said remembering about having to go and get a pregnancy test for jaime.

Okay Mate see you there said louis very happily

Yep see you there bye louis I said


I woke up and felt around for harry but he wasn't there

Ugh I said to myself remembering I had to get a pregnancy test today.

I walked out into the loungeroom to see harry watching TV

Watch ya doing babe I said

Nothing much baby, how you feeli today he asked with concern in his voice

Actully I'm feeling fine today I said happily

Well let's get ready and go get that test he said in a kinda happy kind of sad tone of voice

Haz what wrong babe I asked being concerned

It's it's just that I don't think I'm ready to be a father he said on the brim of crying

Harry shhh it's okay I might not even be pregnant it's okay baby

I'm sorry jaime I don't know what I'm thinking

It's fine haz, we jumped into the car and drove to the pharmacy we brought 3 different pregnancy tests and headed back home


Once we were home I walked into the bathroom and did what I need in all three sticks and waited 4 minutes before they all beeped

Harry!! I yelled before I looked at them

Coming right now he yelled back

You ready I asked really excited to look to them

I guess he said excitedly also

Ok here we go




I read them out loud to harry a smile grew on his face because I guess he just wanted to wait until we were older because you know we are only 19 after all so I was happy also.

I'm so happy babe just because I'm Not ready to be a father I guess if they were positive it would be different because it's real but I'm happy just to wait for now he said lovingly

I'm happy to haz

We state into eachothers eyes for about 5 minutes when he leaned in and kissed me, every time he kisses me it feels like it's the first time all over again. It was so magical until we were interrupted by a loud Banging on the door


Harry ran to the door and opened it "yes louis what do you want now?"

Nice to see you to mate just telling ya that were going to the theme park now if you guys are ready

Theme park? I asked with a really confused look on my face

Oh yeah aha when you were asleep louis asked if we wanted to go and I said yes

Oh okay then let me go put my bikini and shorts and a shirt before we else I said really excitedly

I'll meet you down in the car in about 10 minutes louis harry said

Yeah mate sure he replied

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