Cant live without you

Harry styles girlfriend is jaime. It comes to the time in the year where harry has to go on tour for 7 months, jaime can't live without him for that long so she surprises him what will she do?!.•please read trust me it gets better•


3. goodbyes


I finished packing my bag while jaime sat in the bed. It broke my heart to see her this upset.

H:well I'm all ready


H:babe please don't be upset

J: harry I'm not it's okay

H: okay well you ready to go

J: yep

We hopped into my range river and I drove to the airport where I would meet the rest of the boys.


As we walked into the airport we seen the rest if the boys.

Hey mate said louis

Harrrrryyyyyyyy niall said

Vas happinin said zayn

Harold said liam

Hey boys we ready to go I asked

Yep they all replied in chorus

Now the part I hate with a passion •saying goodbye• I walked over to jaime and hugged her so tight at that moment it felt no one could tear us apart. I pulled away and looked into we eyes which were brimming with tears.

H:babe please don't cry I'll see you soon

J: I'm trying haz I'm trying I'm just gona miss you so much!

H: I know baby me to

I looked at her and kissed her with all the passion I had in me. I didn't want to stop until I herd tw announcement

Flight 373 to LA leavin in 5 minutes

H: I got to go baby

J: *crying* okay haz I love you

H: I love you to baby I love you so much

J: bye haz!

H: bye jaime

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