Cant live without you

Harry styles girlfriend is jaime. It comes to the time in the year where harry has to go on tour for 7 months, jaime can't live without him for that long so she surprises him what will she do?!.•please read trust me it gets better•


6. day 1 in Cali


Jaime you ready harry called from the lounge room

Yeah I call from the bathroom wiping my mouth

Truth is tht I was just vomiting I don't know why but I feel very nauseated lately but I won't tell harry because he might be all weird around me and a that.

Coming I called from our room

H: you okay babe

J:um um yeah, yeah I'm fine

H: ? Jaime what arnt you telling me?!

J: nothing haz I swear I'm not keeping anything from you

H: jaime promise me you tell me anything

J: yes haz I promise

H:let's go for that walk

The view was amazing we were probley about 1 hour away front the hotel when u started feeling really really sick I needed to vomit but I just tried to hide it

We got to a spot in the beach where it was just perfect there were rocks and shells and the waves were braking it was just paradise.

J: harry this is perfect it's so so


J; haha yes haz it's so beautiful

H: just like you then aye

J: haha no way am I anywhere near As pretty as this

H: jaime! Don't say that you are absolutley perfect you geoureous,sexy, hot, I don't know how I ended up with someone like you I really don't

J: Awhhh harry! If anything you deserve better than me

H: no way and even if I did I would want anyone else but you babe

J: harry?

H: yeah?

J: kiss me

H: only if you say so

J: I love u haz

H: I love u to

J: let's go back I'm tired

We had about 10 minute to go when harry said

H: hey babe jump on my back I carry you home

J: wow no way I'll break your back

H: omg jaime! Don't you ever say that ever again!

J: harry it's fine it's true I am fat I know I am

H: jaime please don't you are perfect to me and thAts all thy matters!!

J: harry stop you making me blush!

H: I'm good at that aha

I ended up getting in harrys back and he ended up carrying me back to the hotel.

When I got inside I became very nauseated I ran to the bathroom and started vomiting once I had finished I looked up tk see harry staring at me with Caring eyes full of concern

J: har...( I wAs cut off by harry)

H: jaime age you okay what's wrong why didn't you tell me you were sick!

J: harry I'm sorry I thought it would have stopped by now but it hasn't and I don't know what to do!

H: how long has this been happening

J: around just after you left why

H:oh my jaime do you do do you think you could be pregnant?

J: oh harry I neve thought if that but now I think about It the day you left was two months ago and we know what we did that day but could I?

H: let's sleep now and we will go get pregnancy tests tomorrow

J: okay

J: harry ?

H: yeah babe

J: I'm sorry for not telling you

H: it's fine babe just I need to make sure our okay even when you sick just tell me okay I promise no matter what happens what we go through I will always be There for you!.

J: harry you are truly the love of my life!

H: I love you to

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