Just So You Know

"This is going to be a short story, because my time with Louis was short.

I guess I thought that somehow, I was going to be different. That my deepest and not necessarily dark fantasies would come true.

But this isn't a fantasy. It's real life

This story is for you, Louis. Just so you know."


4. Part Three

It was an impossible idea to start with. Two high school girls going to a party for a bunch of celebrities? Impossible.

But like I said, Camille can be very persuasive.


Which is why two days later, I was standing in Harry Styles's backyard. Almost freezing from the cold Californian air.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

Earlier, Camille told me that we should "stake out" the property before the party tomorrow. Probably just a sorry excuse for dragging me to the mansion.


I knew that we shouln't be there. In fact, it was surprising that we made it so far without getting caught. Seriously, Louis, tell your friend to get better security.

"We go inside," Camille said. "I think I saw an open window. Get me a ladder, will you?"

And sure enough, I magically spotted a ladder leaning against a tree, right next to the empty pool. It was like someone wanted us to break in.

It wasn't you, Louis, was it? I don't think it is. I remember your expression when I first saw you, and you can't be that good of an actor.


So we got inside the house. Easy.

We didn't even know if Harry was home.

Camille told me to stay there while she looked around for a bathroom. Harry Styles's bathroom. Sounds foreign. At least, it does to me.

I got bored, so I decided to look around the room. There was a bed. Maybe a guest bedroom?

There were pictures everywhere. Framed, tacked on the wall, taped to the floor. Pictures of you and your band at the X factor, your first world tour. And a more recent one, at the Teen Choice Awards.

I couldn't stop staring. I would've never thought that you guys were so sentimental.


Suddenly, I heard voices. Three voices that I recognized so well from a little album called Midnight Memories.

And they were headed towards me.

I considered hiding, but there was nowhere I could go. I was stuck. With a teenage pop sensation that could get very angry at me.


You were the first one to find me. You looked at me with 'confusion' and 'shock' written all over your face.

"Harry?" you called out. "Why is there a girl in your bedroom?"

That's when I panicked.

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