Just So You Know

"This is going to be a short story, because my time with Louis was short.

I guess I thought that somehow, I was going to be different. That my deepest and not necessarily dark fantasies would come true.

But this isn't a fantasy. It's real life

This story is for you, Louis. Just so you know."


7. Part Six

The party. Wow.

It was amazing. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning.


There's Camille and me, dressed in fancy clothes. Mine doesn't fit me that well. I had to borrow one of Camille's dresses because I didn't own one.

I see a long line of people at the front door. A couple of men are checking names off a list.

We made the list, thanks to the birthday boy.

We go inside the house for the second time in
two days. I'm surprised at how it was so similar to an everyday high school party.

Camille squeezes me and keeps saying things like "I just saw Lea Michelle!" or "Look, Ed Sheeran is here." until she goes off to find Harry. I look around for you, but I don't know where you are.

People talk to me and I try not to sound too boring. I tell them that I star in an unaired sitcom. Which might happen in the future. Who knows?


Then I see you. In the middle of the room, surrounded by Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Harry.

You make a toast. You smile, meeting everyone's eyes except mine. Interesting.


Was that supposed to make me feel special? Or did you simply forget I was there?

Which was it, Louis?


But I still had a good time at the party. Austin Mahone flirted with me and gave me his number. He told me to call him someday. I was pretty excited.

And besides, I got to talk to you for a second. I even got a compliment.

Remember? You said that you likes my orange eyeshadow. I haven't switched colors ever since.

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