Just So You Know

"This is going to be a short story, because my time with Louis was short.

I guess I thought that somehow, I was going to be different. That my deepest and not necessarily dark fantasies would come true.

But this isn't a fantasy. It's real life

This story is for you, Louis. Just so you know."


9. Part Eight

I already told you in the last chapter that the date was the best night in my life. Which is funny, since my worst night ever was the day of the concert.


Like everything else, it started out pretty well.

Camille and I had front row seats. The closest we could get to you guys without sitting on your laps.

The first song you sang was Better Than Words.

And then came a whole bunch of other songs. Songs from previous albums, songs you covered in the X Factor, even impromptu songs you made up on stage 5 seconds ago.


You winked at me several times during the concert and smirked whenever you caught me screaming.

So, Louis. Why did you do that? Why did you do that, when you were going to shatter my heart into teeny pieces just a few minutes later? I'd love to hear what you have to say for yourself.


The stadium full of strangers became one big, happy family. Everyone singing along, laughing when Zayn did one of his famous lyric-changes.


And then something bad happened. Something that made the news the next morning.

Someone had thrown a shoe towards Niall. And it had hit directly above his knee.

The shoe had sharp heels. And he had just gotten surgery.

A girl screamed.


Suddenly, there was total chaos. A first-aid team rushed in and the concert was temporarily put on hold.

Camille grabbed my hand. "Let's go see the boys."

I followed her backstage.


Thinking back, I never should have.

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