Time is ticking on hold


4. chapter 4

Harry's POV

"Babe, please be careful." I hold her as she walks down the stairs.

"Harry! I'm bloody pregnant, not crippled!" Darcy laughs as she turns around. She looks into my eyes .

Her eyes gleam like two diamonds, her hair the color of sweet dark chocolate. She kisses the tip of my nose and runs down the stairs.

I chase after her , I catch her and we dance for a bit.

"Harry, I have to go see Justin, I'll. e back soon." She grabs her keys.

Justin is her step brother who used to bully her . I put him in his place after the X Factor was over. They couldn't be closer now.

Darcy walks out and closes the door behind her. I turn around and dance to the kitchen.

" Ow! Never thought it hurt so bad! Gettin over you-ou and Ow!" I was singing but when I said ow I heard a scream.Darcy

I run out side to find Darcy is gone. Her car is still here.

"Darcy! Darcy baby!" I call for her and I search around.

"Harry! Harry help meeeeee!" I hear her scream but I don't know where she is. I panic looking for her when a strange white van drives by.

Darcy must be in there! I chase the car but it speeds up. I stumble and fall in the street.

I lay there crying, cars honk at me so I walk to the house.

"Harry ! Lad what's wrong?" I hear Louis call. I look to see him in his car.

"Da-da- Darcy's gone." I manage to say

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