Time is ticking on hold


3. chapter 3

Stacy's POV

I regain my vision and realize I'm in a dark room. I try to stand but I can't. I'm tied to a chair.

I try to call for Zayn , but my mouth is covered. The light flicks on, it's blinding but my eyes adjust.

"Hello , Stacy ." A voice says and in steps a blonde. She looks as if she's a model. I struggle a bit.

"Calm down , your safe with me for now." She grins, her blue eyes sparkle in the light.

She walks over and rips of the gag. I gasp for air and frown at her.

"What do you want with me?" I growl at her.

"It's not only you I want, Stacy Malik." She smiles at me .

I try to struggle out of the rope around my waist. I don't succeed . I can't stop thinking about what she means.

"Why don't you ask Harry, Alicia, and Niall." She pulls up a picture of her and the boys. I see Zayn and Alicia standing on a stage.

Alicia is holding flowers and wearing a beautiful blue dress, and handsome young Zayn in a tux holding hands with her.

I start to cry, I miss him so much. The girl starts to laugh and the lights go out. All I can hear is the sound of my sobbing.

God, please help me.

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