Time is ticking on hold


2. chapter 2

Zayns POV

I wake up to an empty bed. Stacy usually is still sleeping at this point. I feel her side, it's cold. Strange.

Maybe Melody was crying. I walk to the nursery to discover a horrifying sight. The crib was knocked over and she was missing.

Stacy would never do that. I check every room until I hear a small cry.

I run to the front room to find Melody with a note.


Dear Mr.Malik

I know your wondering where your beautiful Stacy is, well stop wondering. Your not going to see her.

Sincerely , Unknown

I stumble back a bit, who would take her like that? She's my life, my voice, my reason to be her love. Other than Melody .

I pick up Melody, she's cold from being on the couch all night. I hold her close and cry. I grab the house phone and dial Liam.

"Hello ?" His wife Macie answers

"Wh-where's Li-Liam?" I shiver through tears

"Zayn?! Are you crying?!" Macie asks, Macie is a very caring girl so I guess I could trust her.

"Stacy's ...... She's , she's ..... Gone." I stutter and I hear her scream for Liam

"Hello?! Zayn are you ok ?! Is Melody ok?! What do you mean gone!" Typical Liam

"We are fine, I'm just scared, terrified." I sigh

"We will be over in a bit." He says and hangs up.

-20 min later-

* Knock Knock*

Liam's here, I let him in. He brought Macie and their son, Ryan.

Liam runs in and embraces me in a giant hug. I cry into his shoulder . He rubs my back.

"Let it out, Zayn " he coos into my ear.

"Uncle Zayn?" Ryan asks and I look at him

"Pwease, downt cwy." He says and I smile

He reminds me of Liam a lot , an handsome young man.

"Ok Ryan." I wipe my tears and pick him up . Melody starts to cry from jealousy .

I laugh and dance with Ryan and he starts to giggle.

I hope we will find her soon or I don't know if I'll able to go on.

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