Where's Sandy?

From the best selling Movella - Where's Patrick - comes the sequel!
Introducing Where's Sandy!


2. Chapter 1

'Spongebob me boy, I have some bad news to tell you,' Mr Krabs told Spongebob, putting his hand on his shoulder for support. His voice was cracking, and Spongebob knew something was wrong. Krabs usually don't have cracked voices.

'What is it Mr Krabs?' Spongebob asked anxiously.

'The Secret Fo-rmula..it's gone lad,'

'WHAT!??!?!??!?! WHY!?!?!??!?! HOW!?!?!??!?! WHEN!??!??!?!' Spongebob was extremely distraught, not knowing what had happend. His brain was trying to process the words Mr Krabs told him  but he just couldn't get it together.

'Yes, you are probably thinking why I'm acting so calm about it. Son, I've given up on hope. Plankton and I have been fighting for years for the formula but now I've just surrendered. He will stop pestering me, so I gave him the formula, lad. I'm sorry for crushing your dreams, we'll have to find somewhere else to work. Or at least find another mouth watering recipe, but for now we'll have to close up the shop,' Mr Krabs said as teardrops trickled down his face. Spongebob was lost for words, he just walked out the door quietly towards his Pineapple house. 


How could this happen though? Mr Krabs won't just give away his formula like that, he's more cheapskate! Spongebob knew that the story can't end like this so he had to find a solution.


As the days had gone past, Spongebob wasn't earning any money. That meant that he couldn't keep up with the pineapple tax so he has to move to a smaller, cheaper home. He was going through his old memories in his cupboard until he found a picture. It was of Spongebob and Sandy, holding a colourful Krabby patty in Sandy's science lab in her treedome. Immediately, a lightbulb popped above Spongebob's head. He has a solution! Sandy can help make a new recipe using her scientific knowledge! It must work! Spongebob's frown was turned upside down and he leaped out the door and ran to Patrick's rock to tell him the great news.  

'Patrick patrick! I got great news!' Spongebob rapidly knocked on patrick's rock.

'Oh hey Spongebob! I heard Mr Krabs gave away the formula, is that why you're happy?' Patrick said, stupidly.

'No, silly! I was going through junk and found a picture of me and Sandy holding a picture of a colourful Krabby patty she whipped up in her lab! We can get Sandy to help make a new recipe!' Spongebob's excitement was over the extreme, Patrick could even see bubbles coming out of his holes!

'Wow that's great! Can I join in? Pretty please!' Patrick cupped his hands together with puppy dog eyes.

'Of course, great goofy goober buddy! Let's see if Squidward wants to join, I'm sure he wants his job back!' Spongebob said then ran to Squidward's door and started knocking.

'Squidward, would you like to join Patrick and I and Sandy to make a new recipe for the Krusty Krab?' Spongebob shouted at Squidward's open window. The only reply that came was a shoe thrown down at Spongebob. 'Okay, that's fine Squidward!' Spongebob said then walked with Patrick towards Sandy's treedome. 

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