I feel so guilty,and heartbroken. I was the one who was driving the car and it's all my fault. Her family hates me now, but I don't blame them, I hate myself too. She doesn't remember me, or anyone. But I'm gonna change that, she will remember me again. I will make sure of that.


1. begin again


I tried to fight the darkness but everytime I tried to pull out of it I got pulled back in farther. I eventually got tired and gave up trying and once again I was swallowed by darkness and couldn't hear anything again.

*missy (Amanda's mom) pov*

"This is your fault Liam! You were drivin the car and now we don't even know if she will wake up again!"

"I know it's my fault! You don't think I already feel horrible about this? I love her!"

*liams pov*

I was driving the car that night. I remember everything about that night, I remember the truck running the red light and I remember the look on Amanda's face when she saw the truck at the last moment before it hit her side. We rolled 5 times before we came to a stop. I remember calling her name but never getting a response I blame myself for this and her parents do too. I can never forgive myself.

*amandas pov*

I heard talking but I had no idea who it was. I tried to fight the darkness and I seemed to be stronger and I kept getting closer before all I saw was a bright light. Was I dead? I tried to open my eyes and It worked... I looked around and saw three people staring at me before two of them started crying and the other started walking towards me.


Who was Amanda?


"Who is Amanda.?"

"You don't remember.?"

"No.. Should I?"

"Your name is Amanda. I'm Liam your boyfriend."

"I have a boyfriend?"


"Wait, why am I in the hospital.?"

"Um. We were driving home one night when we were crossing a section and a truck ran a red light and hit us we rolled five times before we stopped."

"Oh my gosh. How long have I been in the hospital?"

"It will be 3 months tomorrow."

"So I have a boyfriend, we were in a car accident.. But who are those people over there.?"

"Those are your parents. After the accident we weren't sure if you were ever going to wake up again."

"If this happened to me and you were in the car too. What happened to you.?"

"I got a concussion, and broke my left foot and hip."

"Did I break anything?"

"You had a few broken ribs and a concussion, and you were in a coma."

I suddenly felt really tired.

"You should get some sleep.. We will talk when you wake up."


*liams pov*

She doesn't remember anything, not even the night of the accident. Missy was sobbing while her husband Ben held her in his arms. I left the room to get a doctor and tell them that Amanda woke up. They asked why the hadn't gotten called sooner. But I didn't have an answer. They made me promise that the next time she wakes up to get a doctor and I promised. As I walked back to the room I realized that she might not love me anymore, but I had to try to get her back, and I was going to do whatever it takes.

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