Taeh is a 15 year old girl that attends Baltimore high school.

She's a reject. She's different from everyone else.

Her parents divorced just before her mother died and she now lives with her father, Alex.

She's an only child, until her dad meets Sarah who has two kids, tommy and Nash.


4. the kiss

I hook up with dan every Friday. He's my best friend, and my only friend. I see him almost everyday but I made a promise to my dad that I only hook up with guys on Fridays.

Dans one of the coolest guys ever, I met him a few weeks after I was raped and ever since then we've been best friends. I ran downstairs to ask if dan could come here because I don't really feel like going out tonight. "Hey dad can dan come here tonight?, I don't feel like going out" "sure sweetie but keep your business in the car please" "sure thing daddy" and that's when Sarah came in. "Who's dan? And what business are you planing on doing" "dans my friend and my business is none of yours" I said obviously pissed off. "Well since your living under my roof I would like to know what your planing on doing" she said in a motherly tone. "First of all your not my mum so mind your own fucking business, and second of all were gonna fuck, got a problem with that?" I half shouted. "You shall do no such thing at the age your at, especially when your living with me!" She yelled at me with a discussed look on her face. "Fine then, dad can dan still come over?" "Sure".

Sarah is such a bitch, how do her kids put up with her! I ran up to my room to text dan "hey, I don't feel like going out but you can come over, I just moved house so my new address is 7 golly road" I then clicked sent and he replied almost instantly "okay, I'll be there soon" "okay then see you soon"

He's not going to be very happy about not being able to do our usual Friday routine but Sarah didn't say we couldn't make out.

I waited impatiently for dan to come over when I finally heard the doorbell ring. I ran down to open it but Nash was already there talking to him. Nash shut the door before I would say anything. "Nash what the hell" "what?" "Why would you do that?" "Do what!" "Lock dan out" "oh he's your friend" "yes you dumbass!" I opened the door to see dan sitting at the doorstep.

"Hey, come in!" I said happily. We walked upstairs hand in hand until we reached my room. I could tell by the expression on his face that he hated it.

Dan: you poor soul

Me: I know, I hate it

Dan: who was that kid that opened the door

Me: that's my dad's stuck up girlfriends son, he's pretty chill

Dan: oh okay

Me: also my dads who're of a girlfriend said we I'm not allowed to fuck whilst I'm living with her so is that alright with you

Dan: of corse it is! I haven't seen my little teddy bear in ages.

He then wrapped his arm around me tightly and lifted me off the floor. He calls me his little teddy bear because he's 6 foot and 19, so he's a lot taller than me and a lot older as well. He's one of the best friends I could ever ask for. He then put me down carefully and held my face with both of his hands. He leaned in and so did I. Every moment I spend with dan is magical. His kisses are like kissing an angel. Our things explored each other's mouths. After about 5 minutes we both pulled away for air, and that's when I noticed the door was open. I remembers closing it all the way. I also heard someone slam their door. This is weird.

"I'll be back in a second, stay here" I said to dan.

I walked out my door to see that nash's door was wide open which means it must have been tommy. I walked into his room to see him curled up into a ball on his bed.

Me: you alright

Tommy: no

Me: what's wrong

Tommy: your boyfriend

Me: he's not my boyfriend, he's my best friend

Tommy: we'll it didn't look like it

Me: things are never what they seem, why do you care anyhow

Tommy: because I like you

Me: no you don't, no one likes me. You hardly even know me anyway

Tommy: I know you enough to know that I like you

Me: I'm sorry but I'm not the relationship type

And that's when he kissed me. Tommy slips were on mine, our youngsters were on their own adventure, it was nice. His kisses were different to dans. I pulled away first.

Tommy: you were right, I don't like you

Me: I'm always right tommy

Tommy: I love you

Me: no you can't, everyone who loves me either ends up hurting themselves or leaving me

Tommy: I promise I won't leave you

Me: I'm sorry tommy but I don't feel the same way, I have to get back to dan

Tommy: oh okay, bye

I feel bad now. I don't want to lead him on but I don't want to ignore him. He loves me? How is that even possible.

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