Taeh is a 15 year old girl that attends Baltimore high school.

She's a reject. She's different from everyone else.

Her parents divorced just before her mother died and she now lives with her father, Alex.

She's an only child, until her dad meets Sarah who has two kids, tommy and Nash.


3. new home

Were on the way to Sarah's house now. I sat in the passenger seat and put my headphones on. I started to play 'coffee and cigarets' by never shout never. Sarah's house was about a 3 hour drive from our old house. I'm actually really nervous.

We finally get to Sarah's house and it's massive, she must be rich. I really hope she's not a stuck up rich bitch because I'm really not gonna fit in, not that I was going to anyway. I stepped out the car and walked up the drive way. My dad rang the door bell and we were instantly greeted by Sarah. She took one good look at me and scrunched up her face. I was wearing shorts so you could see my tattoos and I think that's what might have put her off.

"Alex so great to see you" she hugged my dad. "And you must be taeh, nice to meet you" she said in a fake tone and held out her hand, I shook her hand and said "nice to finally meet you two". We walked into her mansion and I already feel sick. It's so fancy and delicate and I'm obviously not meant to be here.

"Tommy come down here and show taeh her room" Sarah yelled out. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and finally my eyes were staring at a beautiful teenage boy.

"Hey I'm tommy" he said in a charming tone whilst holding out his hand. "I'm taeh, nice to meet you" I said as I shook his hand. He led me up the stairs and down the hallway until we reached the end. "This is your room, and if you need anything mines right next door" he then walked off. I walked into my room to see that it has already been done up for me.

The walls were hot pink, the bedding was purple, and the carpet was a baby pink. IT WAS DISGUSTING. My two least favourite colours are used throughout my whole room. I wanted to throw up on everything. I absolutely hated it. It was a big room though which I liked.

I walked down stairs and out to the car to get my suitcases. As I walked into the living room I saw another teenage boy, I suspected he was Nash, he was hot. I tried to walk past him without saying anything but he started talking "hey is that a tattoo?" He asked. "Umm yeah, I have a few tattoos" I replied quietly, but loud enough to hear. "Aren't you 15?" He asked with a confused expression on his face. "Yes, indeed I am" "but isn't it illegal to have tattoos at that age?" "Not when you have your parents permission" I said and then walked out to get my bags.

Nash seems like a nice guy to hang out with. But he will probably try to avoid me like every one else does. I grabbed my two suitcases and wheeled them inside and up to my room. As I entered my room a saw tommy laying on my bed.

Me: you alright there

Tommy: it's disgusting

Me: what is?

Tommy: this room, I can tell it's not your style

Me: I can fix it

Tommy: your really pretty

Me: w-w-what?

Tommy: sorry I didn't mean to say that out loud

And then he ran out blushing. Did he really just call me pretty? I went over to my full body mirror and all I saw was the same ugly taeh. How could somebody that cute call me pretty? That's the first time in my whole life I've been called pretty, I usually get called hot or sexy but they don't sound as nice as pretty, I like it.

I started to unpack when I got a text message, it was from dan, one of the guys I hooked up with last Friday. "Hey babe you coming to the club tonight, I miss your taste"

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