Kenway The Killer

I don't know what it is, but the thick moist feeling of crimson blood between my fingertips has always felt good. The dark red sappy fluid that stained my skin was my escape from boredom. No one else understands, it's pointless to try to explain, but I like to kill.

This is my red, hot, and sticky story. I am Kenway the killer. I am not evil, well, I hope not. I am no angel either, but I am determined to satisfy my bloodlust one way or another. Even if it means killing everything in sight. So I suggest you stay out of my way.


1. Preview~ Kenway The Killer

Kenway The Killer

Coming soon: 9.1.14

Let the killing begin…

What defines a hero? What makes them so great? Is it the fact that they never give up? Is it the way others look up to them? Or is it the fact that they make this place better for everyone?

I could never be considered an idol. I wouldn't allow such a childish notion to exist. That would be foolish. That would be reckless. I can't stand the idea of naive children looking up to someone like me, a killer.

In a way I make this world better. I get rid of all the incompetent fools. I get rid of the bad people. All of them. I won't stop until this world is pure, free of the evil that dwells within in us.

I will never stop. I will never stop feeling the warm blood between my fingers and hearing the last screams of my dying victims. They are much too precious to me. Oh I loved the sound of people dying. It's not the fact that they're dying that excites me, it's the fact that I get to witness it.

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