Like a skull ( a bullying story)

This story is about me, Anna Mayish. How one girl brought me down. My mother used to say I was like a skull. Tough on the outside but soft and fragile on the inside. This is a story about that one girl, Suzanne Colander. The girl who brought me down


2. Locked in

Yesterday was terrible so I tried to make it right. I walked right up to her and began to apologize. "I am so sorry Suzanne I am a klutz and you can do anything to me. I am so sorry." She stared at me with those cold eyes. "Ok" she said and she slapped me really hard.

She laughed and walked down the hallway. I walked to the edge of the hallway and held my hand to my cheek. I felt something wet on my hand. I released it from my cheek and put it in front of my face. It was red, dark red. I felt it drip down my cheek. Her ring must have cut me. Then I heard a familer voice. " Here."  a boy walks in front of me, with a tissue. I grab it and press it to my cheek. "It's me again." he said as he stands next to me. I smile and nod. I never talked to a boy so I stayed quiet. "Want to come to lunch with me?" he asks

I shake my head. He just nods and walks away. I could have had a friend but I didn't want one. I was hungry though, so I started to walk to the cafeteria when Suzanne walked in front of me. " Hey klutz, where are you going?" I slowly back away,still holding my hand to my cheek. "Aww did you hurt yourself?" I just back away more. I felt 2 hand holding my arms. I turn my head and see Suzanne's friends. " Now, you aren't getting away so easily."

She laughs and her friends pulled me down the hall. Finally when I got used to their nails digging into my arm, I heard a door open and they pushed me into the small room. I smashed into a shelve and cleaners and toilet paper fell on my back. The door slammed and I heard footsteps running away. I pushed myself off the floor and started banging on the door. "LET ME OUT!" I screamed. I was screaming bloody murder. "LET ME OUT OF HERE!" They knew I was claustrophobic. I was freaking out, I was screaming and screaming. I started banging on the shelves. Things started falling and I couldn't stop and I couldn't stop screaming.My world was spinning, I saw the door open but my vision was blurry. I fell to the floor and I heard giggling.I knew who it was but I didn't care. I just laid there. They started throwing stuff at me. I just wanted this to stop, all I did was trip. I wanted this to end. I wanted my life to end.


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