Beautiful quotes


7. Bittersweet tragedy


  "I met him on a train on my way to London.

  He brought me flowers and held me in his arms at 2am when I couldn’t sleep.

  But he had a troubled past, and when he asked me to run away with him, I said no.

  That was the last time I saw him."


 "I’ve met a boy who liked literature and tea in the morning.

 We were in the same class and we liked the same music.

 His mother never liked me. They moved away.

 I wonder how he’s doing."


 "I met a guy with blond, curly hair at the local mall.

 He kissed my nose and made me look at life in another perspective.

 Everything seemed okay for a while.

 He’s dead now"


 "Looking into his eyes was like looking at the universe.

 I borrowed his sweater in winter and at night he would keep me warm.

 I saw him with another girl and left without a word.

 I guess he moved on pretty fast."


 "His kiss was intoxicating.

 He smelled like cigarettes and too much vodka.

 I don’t know what went wrong

 But now I’m alone and I smell like vodka, too."


 "A boy in leather jacket once stole my heart.

 His hair was a mess and his breath smelled like alcohol.

 I never really felt save with him, but I felt alive.

 I appreciate that more than anything."


 "There was a guy that made me feel like nothing bad would ever happen.

 When we kissed, I felt something long-lasting.

 He was the type of guy I wanted to grow old with.

 It didn’t work out that way."


 "Then there was a boy with hair as dark as his soul.

 He taught me how to see at night.

 He reminded me of the midnight sky. He looked so close, but jet so far.

 I still think about him when I look at the moon."


 "And now you’re here.

 Being with you is like playing with fire.

 I’ve known that since the first time I laid my eyes on you.

 And I’ve already been burned, jet I’m still here.

 ‘Cause with you I feel more alive than ever.

 But all great things must come to an end."





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