Zombie apocalypse- 1D imagine

What if zombies take over the world?! That's a reality for a girl named Allie Anderson, She goes in search for her family, meets people on the way and tries to find away to change the world back to what it once was


10. who are you?

So what's the plan?" I asked

"The plan is for you to get out of our house!!"

We all turned around, to notice a woman in her early 30's staring at us with you guessed it a gun pointing at us

"Look were so.."

"NO you look" the woman cut of harry

"We were fine until you came and brung all those things here!" She said

"Are you kidding me the walkers are all up this street, raiding all the houses, it's not just us, and don't worry were gonna go, because we don't wanna get eaten!" Harry carried on

"Wait! We?" I said

"Why don't you wanna come with us?" Harry said quickly, looking at me

"No I do it's just, you said we" i pointed to the woman

"Yes I meant me!" She said rather to quickly

"MUMMY!!!" I child screaming became more clear, I saw a little boy run down the stairs, and hug the woman, and looked up at us

"Who are these people? "He said

"I'm Niall", he said

" this is harry and Allie," he said pointing at us

"I'm Jamie!" The little boy said

"And this is mummy! Or some people call her Karen" he said looking at us just then a bunch of walkers came through the door, Karen picked up Jamie and ran up the stairs telling us to follow her, we ran and ran until we were on a roof why does everything escalate so quickly? I thought

"Who can drive!?" She said urgently

"I can" harry said

"Here" she chucked keys at him and ran down the fire escape stairs harry following her and me an niall behind we got down the stairs and ran were the others were going, towards a car, quickly we all jumped In Karen , Jamie and Niall in the back Me and harry in the front, just as i was about to close my door, a runners hand grabbed me, I shrieked and started kicking

"Harry start the car!!!!!" I screamed trying to get this thing of me, Niall got out the car and out his screwdriver Into the back of it's head and climbed back in, I took the walkers finger of of my arm and it made a cracking sound, like all the bones in his fingers cracked, and I dropped the hand to the ground and closed the passenger door.

"Harry start the car" Niall said

"If I could don't you think I would've!" He said back turning the keys and hitting the accelerator just for it I turn back off again

"What are all those people doing?" Jaime said looking behind him we all turned are heads to notice runners, of course running down the road to our car,

"Harry any time now" I said not taking my eyes of the walkers

"I can't!" He said as I turned back to help him,

"I'll turn the keys you press the accelerator" I said just before I was about to turn them I felt a jolt in the car and turns back noticing walkers climbing on top of the car and around, I turned the keys quickly


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