Zombie apocalypse- 1D imagine

What if zombies take over the world?! That's a reality for a girl named Allie Anderson, She goes in search for her family, meets people on the way and tries to find away to change the world back to what it once was


9. walker surfing?

"oh shit" I muttered here goes nothing as I ran up and ontop of the walkers that could potentially ruining my life, not knowing which direction I was going in and weather or not I will make it out alive ,

I closed my eyes scared of what might happen, in my head I'm screaming loads of things the main ones were I'm gonna die and just calm the fuck down, it was like my brain was having a war against itself, and either way it will loose, I just hope the one saying I'm gonna die looses and that my Brain will tell my body to calm down,

I took a deep breath in and blew it out through my nose, and switched it by taking a deep breath in my nose and out through my mouth, suddenly getting a vile smell at the back of my nose and mouth, it was like burning rubber mixed with that sick taste, it was itching at the back of my throat, like when your throat gets 'tickely' it was Kind of horrible, suddenly forgetting to breath I took a Deep breath in suddenly noticing the smell gone, I open my eyes to be greeted with sunlight, only a few walkers left now, as I look around

As the walkers were walking one way I was being pushed the other, pushed into the outside world, suddenly realising I was about to drop on my back I jumped up forward and landed on my feet, suddenly realising and noticing, I was alone out here, running along the street, seeing if there was a house that had not been raided, or to try and find Niall or/and harry while trying not to be heard, smelt , felt , eaten , or seen-- I thought naming all the major factors of how the zombies find you, thinking about it it's like all those 5 senses, touch,taste,feel,hear,see, thinking about this I felt a hand grab me, kicking at the walker to suddenly hear stop, wait walkers don't talk, stopping I notice Niall standing there,

"Oh you hit and kick hard ha" Niall said while I was apologising

"Okay come on then, Allie quick down here" he said running and me going after him, he ran up to this house grabbing my hand and running inside, harry was standing there holding a gun to us,

"Harry it's just us" Niall said letting go of my hand

"Oh thank god your both okay, I don't think they know were here yet" he said suddenly lowering his voice,

"Allie," Niall Said as I turned around to him

"Here you are I saw it on the way out near the door and I picked it up" he said handing me my bag

"Oh thank you I completely forgot about this" I said holding my bag close to me

"I think you should keep that on you" harry said as I nodded my head cracking a small smile

I looked around, this place wasn't that big

"So what's the plan?" I asked

"The plan is for you to get out of our house!!"

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