Zombie apocalypse- 1D imagine

What if zombies take over the world?! That's a reality for a girl named Allie Anderson, She goes in search for her family, meets people on the way and tries to find away to change the world back to what it once was


11. our path

Sorry if this is really short so either I'll have more free time to do more, or less idk, sorry if this is too short :(

Harry pressed on the pedal and we drove forward and fairly quickly harry changing the gears so we were speeding at 70 miles per hour,

"Are they still on the roof " he said as we all look out of our windows

"I don't think so?" Niall said "

I'm not sure though someone should go check "I referred "

I think we will be fine, I don't want to scare him anymore" Karen said as we all looked down to Jamie with a tearstained face, we all look at each other that look that no one should go and we all slumped back down in our seats, I was half way down my seat, looking out of my window, watching the world go by like an old woman swaying back an fourth in her rocking chair waiting for something to happen knowing sooner or later her time would come , my face leaning on the door my eyes wondering , it was not like in movies were there are millions of 'zombies' running around because there isn't, there's no screams and the sky is bright blue with an odd cloud here or there. I someway wish there was walkers and screaming people running down the streets while the thunder cackles above our head

But there isn't and that makes everything eerie, like the world is tricking us telling us that this is just a dream a figment of your imagination, trying to make us loose our sanity, before I knew it the car jolted making me open my eyes, I didn't even realise I was asleep, it must of happened while I was looking out the window,

"What's wrong?" I said noticing harry looking at something I followed where he was looking suddenly noticing a bunch of Cars blocking our path out of Washington,

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