Zombie apocalypse- 1D imagine

What if zombies take over the world?! That's a reality for a girl named Allie Anderson, She goes in search for her family, meets people on the way and tries to find away to change the world back to what it once was


8. Are you f****ing crazy?

" Niall I can't get hold of anyone, I think all the lines are enga..., the boy coming down the stairs, stops and stairs at me

"Umm Nialler, who is this woman?, is this her house?" He asked niall or Nialler as he referred to him as

"Oh right Harry, this is Allie, Allie, Harry, wait that rhymes ha" Niall said as me and harry stared at him laughing awkwardly

As his laughter dies down, which is pretty quick, he asks harry to sit down with us,

"Sooo what were you gonna say?" I asked harry remembering he was half way through a sentence when he was coming down stairs

"Oh right, I tried a few numbers and none of them worked, I couldn't get hold of our families or the police" he says looking down,

"You mind if I try calling my family?" I asked remembering my parents and brother lived up in New Orleans

"Oh sure, the best signal is upstairs straight to the left, 1st room" he said passing me the telephone

I walked up the stairs hearing muttering downstairs, from where niall and Harry were talking, doing as harry had said, I went in the first room, noticing it was a bedroom, it reminded me if mine, the layout of the room, and the two doors next to each other, I dialled my parents number biting my nails in the process

"Hi if we can't pick the phone up right now it's because were either out or having sex" I hear my mothers voice on the answer phone, her and my dad did the answer message ages ago when they were drunk, and somehow put a permanent record on it, so you couldn't change the answer phone, I laugh remembering when I first heard it when I was about 15 and yelling at them, I was interrupted by a crash next to me, turning around quickly, being face to face with one of, well one of them, not like the clickers or sneaks, or what niall called them wishes... Their neither, it looks like a skeleton, it's disgusting really, I snap out of it remembering the situation I'm in, I grab the lamp next to me from the beside table and throw it directly at its head, it starts getting angry and grabs me due to it's abnormally large overgrown nails I scream out trying to push it away from me, I lay back on the bed pushing it away from me with my feet, until I Hear a large band , and it stop and fall off of me, to see Harry standing over me, niall behind him grabbing something and pushing it down on its head,

"Niall it's dead!" Harry says panting

"I don't wanna take a chance!" He says finally stopping and patting himself down,

"It has a hole in its head!" I hear harry say as I stood up hearing scratching at the windows,

"Well sorry for not trying to be reasonable"

"Reasonable! NIALL NONE OF THIS IS REASONABLE" suddenly I found out who was making the noise

"Umm guys" I say not talking my eyes of the window



"Guys" I say a bit louder






I say screaming as loud as I could, catching there attention they whipped there heads around screaming what until they noticed the bunch of walkers scratching and clicking, outside

"The bang must have attracted the clickers," harry said

"They only hear sound" he carried on

"Then what are these and why are they here?" I asked looking at the other walkers

"Their scratchers," Niall said

"And the other one?" I asked looking down at the one who tried to kill me

"Starves," he said

"Wait, wait niall, how did the scratchers get hear, All they can do is feel?" Hart questioned

"I don't know, I don't know all the answers!" Niall said

We heard a crash from downstairs, harry ran out and ran straight back in again

"Umm we have a bit of a situation here!" Harry said notifying us of the fact walkers are in the house,

"So what are we doing!" I asked quickly starting to panic and bite my nails again

"Ummm ever been crowd surfing?" Harry asked



Me and niall say at the same time, I've never crowd surfed,

"Okay, why?" Niall said looking back at harry,

"well why don't we crowd surf outta here?"

"Cause we will die!" I said back

"Not really, they can't look up so they can't bite if were above them?!" He says just them the bedroom door bursts open and a bunch of walkers growl coming in side, closing my eyes my ears filled with the sound of continuous clicking and scratching like someone bring their nails down a chalk board, opening my Eyes again to scream

"Are you fucking crazy!" I said seeing harry jump on top of the walkers and disappearing out the room, Come on Allie, Niall said running ontop of them all,

"oh shit" I muttered here goes nothing as I ran up and ontop of the walkers that could potentially ruining my life, not knowing which direction I was going in and weather or not I will make it out alive

Hey guys hope you enjoyed or are enjoying this series so far,Btw I like positive comments, and the more there is the more you'll find I update more, thanks xx and goodbye to all your pretty faces xx

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