Since You've Been Gone

Kayla Forest and Tyler Evans have been best friends since they were little. In fact they were more than best friends. They spent every moment they could get together. They thought they would be together forever but when an unexpected event happens that kills Tyler, will Kayla ever move on and be able to love someone else. When a new kid in school moves in, Aidan Ross will try everything to win her over.


2. Two years

Tyler took me to an art show. It was only going to be in town for that day. I didn't think he had been listening to me when I said how much I wanted to go. As we walked into the building a gawked at all the amazing pieces of art. I pulled Tyler along as I went from picture to statue to another picture.

"These are all so amazing," I breathed as I saw another picture across the room. "I wish my art was this good." Tyler stopped walking and pulled me towards him. He looked down at me, his light green eyes were a darker green.

"You are the most amazing artist I know," he whispered. "Don't ever put yourself down because you are amazing," he said as he leaned down and kissed my forehead. I smiled up at him.

"You really think so?" I asked. He nodded.

We spent another hour at the show. Eventually Tyler made me leave cause I had already seen everything twice. I slid into the passenger seat of the pickup truck and he started down the road. He turned the music up and we sat in silence just enjoying Daughtry. We were almost back to my house when Tyler turned down a different road. I looked over at him, he had a grin so I knew he had turned here on purpose.

"Ty what are you doing?" I asked. He smirked.

"You'll see," he said as he handed me his phone. "Can you look up the weather and see what its going to be like in the next hour?" he asked. I nodded and typed in his password and looked at the weather.

"Um it says there is a high chance of rain," I said as I placed his phone in the cup holder.

"Perfect," Tyler said as he looked over at me and smiled.

A few minutes later we pulled up to a park. I immediately recognized it as the park where we had our first kiss. I smiled as Tyler opened up the door for me and grabbed my hand. Tyler led me over to the play-set where he had first asked me to be his girlfriend and we had had our first kiss. 

"What are we doing here?" I asked as he climbed the ladder and sat down at the top of the slide.

"I wanted to do something special for our two year anniversary," Tyler said as he looked up just as a rain drop landed on my chin.

I smiled as more rain poured down on us and Tyler leaned over and kissed me slowly. He broke away and stood up and helped me up. I figured we were going home but me gently pulled me back towards him. As I turned to face him again he got down on his knee and dug around in his hoodie for something and then pulled out a small velvet black box.

"Kayla Forests I know this is sudden but I've known you my whole life and I can't imagine life without you. You are my everything and I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side," Tyler said as he slowly opened up the box. Inside was a small silver ring with a diamond infinity symbol on it. "Kayla, will you marry me?"

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