Since You've Been Gone

Kayla Forest and Tyler Evans have been best friends since they were little. In fact they were more than best friends. They spent every moment they could get together. They thought they would be together forever but when an unexpected event happens that kills Tyler, will Kayla ever move on and be able to love someone else. When a new kid in school moves in, Aidan Ross will try everything to win her over.


1. More than friends

I still remember the day Tyler asked me to be his girl friend. We were just sitting at the park on top of the slide. His hand gently held mine. Everything felt right. We sat and talked about what we wanted to do with our lives. I told him I wanted to become and artist. When I had asked where he would like to go to college, he simply responded "where ever you are." The answer had caught me off guard. Tyler and I were best friends. We had been since we first met, but I never expected him to follow me to college. I remember smiling up at him. His green eyes seemed to smile. Then it started to rain. I jumped up getting ready to run to a pavilion to hide but Tyler grabbed my hand and held me there. He had been acting weird all day, but I never expected him to keep me standing in the rain. I tried to pull away but he only leaned down and kissed me slowly. It was my first kiss and I could feel fireworks going off inside me. When he finally pulled away all he said was "be mine?"

"Kayla!" I heard my mom yell from downstairs. I rolled over in bed and faced the door. "Tyler is here," my mom said as she opened my door. I smiled.

"Send him up," I said as I stood up. A minute later a boy with short blonde hair and green eyes walked in. Tyler. I smiled and went to give him a hug.

"Woah there!" Tyler said. "You stink!" he said as he playfully punched my arm. I laughed. He leaned down and kissed me for a second and broke away and smiled. "Now go get ready. I have a surprise for you," he said. I smiled and went into the bathroom to get ready.

About 15 minutes later I stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off and got dressed. I chose to wear a long sleeve light blue hoodie and my favorite skinny jeans. I did my make up and walked back into my room. Tyler was laying on my bed looking up at the ceiling fan and as I walked in he jumped up.

"Ready?" he asked. I nodded as I pulled my wet hair into a pony tail. I grabbed his hand as he led me out to his white pickup truck and slid into the passenger seat.

"Where are we going?" I asked. Tyler only shook his head.

"I can't tell. Its a surprise," he said as he glanced over and smiled at me.

"You know I hate surprises," I said as I punched his arm.

"Ouch!" he said sarcastically. "I know you hate them. Which is why I'm not telling you; the look on your face will be priceless," he said.

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