Since You've Been Gone

Kayla Forest and Tyler Evans have been best friends since they were little. In fact they were more than best friends. They spent every moment they could get together. They thought they would be together forever but when an unexpected event happens that kills Tyler, will Kayla ever move on and be able to love someone else. When a new kid in school moves in, Aidan Ross will try everything to win her over.


5. Foreign

I was angry. I was angry at school. Angry and life. Angry at Tyler. Why did he have to leave me? He had promised that we would go to college together. We had been planing this since we were younger. And now he wasn't here. I knew he couldn't have helped being dead. But I couldn't help but be mad.

I found a place to sit in the halls and I pulled out my laptop to begin my homework. First day and we already had homework. I turned on my cherry red laptop and just stared at the blank screen. I was almost in a daze. But that wasn't new. Since the accident I had found my self just blanking out. This worried my parents but it was normal. I think.

Someone sat down on the other side of the couch I was on and broke my daze. I looked up to see the boy from my first class, Aidan. His long hair draped over one eye.

"Hey there," Aidan smiled at me. I smiled back to be polite but went back to staring at my still blank laptop. "Whats wrong?" he asked as his smile faded from him. His eyebrows furrowed like he was worried.

"Nothing," I lied without looking up from my laptop. My mistake.

"Bull shit," Aidan laughed as I couldn't help but crack a smile. Tyler always would say that when he knew I was lying to him. My laughed stopped quickly, I didn't want to think of Tyler any more. "You can talk to me. Is it about your boyfriend?" Aidan asked as he grabbed my hand. It felt warm and foreign to me. The only hand I had ever help had been Tyler's.

"Yea," I said after a long pause. Aidan nodded like he understood.

"Look," he said. "I don't really know what happened or when, but I do know everything happens for a reason. But we can always overcome whatever shit is happening to us. Everyone is different and it may take awhile for you to accept the fact that this guy is gone, but it won't always hurt," he said as he stood up and handed me his phone. "Can I get your number?" he asked. I grabbed his phone and put my number in. "Now you can call me whenever you need to talk," he said as he walked away.

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