How to become a demon.

"This is not a happy story. But when you entitle something "how to become a demon" I think that kind of obvious."

Follow the story of Darren Griffin Jones and his fall form graces into the pits of hell.


3. chapter three

I stared at the big black shot gun that was now taking up most of my best Friends hand. It was big and Bulky. And Looking at it sent shivers down my spine. I hated the sight of it.

"Merious what the fuck!" I shouted taking a step back from him to shocked to say anything Else.

"Dude calm down!" Said merious putting the gun back into the waste band of him jeans " I just brought just in case we ran into trouble , We'er not even going to need it."

"Merious I don't think you get it" I said trying not to panic " We'er the trouble in this situation! For gods sake you're asking me to Commit a crime!"

"Dude calm down." Said merious " please lower your voice , someone might hear. "

"Fuck you!" I shouted , merious was really starting to piss me off now " you'r worried about someone over hearing us , well that to bad merious. You know what i'm worried about someone finding us with a gun planing to commit robbery! God how did you even get this idea!"

"Well I was talking to cole after school the other da..." I cut him off , terrified at what he had said.

There is only one cole at are school , and you best believe me when I tell you that ever one in the hole dame place knew who he was. Cole Simpson ran the most notorious gang at our high school. He was just a sophomore but cole and his men had already pushed all competition out of the water. He was the ruler of the school under world and everyone knew that the number one rule to survive in that place was do not fuck with them.

"Merious seriously are you trying to get us killed!"i cried " what the hell where you thinking , you know what he's done to people just for looking at him wrong!"

Merious looked at me a laugh as if the whole thing was the funniest joke in the world. I have never wanted to punch someone as much as I did in that moment. But just before I stated really letting him have it merious stoped laughing and said " if you would just shut up for a second And let me talk maybe you wouldn't be such an idiot."

I glared at him , wanting to punch him so badly it made my hand twitch.

Merious looked at me laughing softly to himself and continued his story. " as I was Saying I was talking to cole after school the other day. I've told you how I like to play basket ball sometimes , and well so dos he so I see him there a lot. Anyway the other day cole was down there play a few rounds , and he when he sat down to rest I went up to him and ask what I'd have to do to get a spot in the soulless ones."

"What the hell is wrong with you!" I said staring at him " do u have a death wish!"

" shut the fuck up and let me finish. He said waving me off " so cole just kind of stared at me for a few seconds before he started laughing. And it takes him a little bit of time to calm down but afterwards he tell me to fuck off and all that. And go's off to play another round. So I sit there waiting for him to finish , when he comes back to get his stuff im still there. He go's up to me and said "kid you got guts to stick around like that , so i'll tell you what you can Have a stop in the gang if you go rob the convenient store off second street. If you do that then you can join the gang."

After merious finished his story he looked at me expectantly as if telling me all this was supposed to make it clear why he wanted to commit a felony. I stared back at him a dazed expression on my face. He seemed to be expecting me to say something along the lines of "wow merious , it all makes sense now! How about we go get matching gang tattoos when this is all over"

But this was one of those times were Merious would be disappointed. All I could do at that point was cures. And I proceeded to do so , very quickly and very loudly.

As soon as I could form coherent thoughts did not contain the words "fuck" and "you" at lest a minute had passed. Merious stared at me , clearly impressed by the show of profanity that he had just been witness to. "Dude that was amazing , but anyways you in on this or am I going to have to do it myself?"

"Hell no i'm not in on this , this hole idea is crazy! I can't believe you actually thought this could work! God dame it merious, im going home." I said turning on my heals and heading the way I came in.

"Fine, go fucking home! I see this is the thanks I get deciding to share this amazing opportunity!" Merious shouted as I turned out on to the street.

I walked about ten steps before I changed my mind. That dumb ass was going to go in there and get himself fucking arrested if I'd didn't go in there and bail his ass out! And so with that I turned around and walked into to convenient store. Couplet oblivious to the fact the decision i just made I would regret for the rest of my life.

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