How to become a demon.

"This is not a happy story. But when you entitle something "how to become a demon" I think that kind of obvious."

Follow the story of Darren Griffin Jones and his fall form graces into the pits of hell.


1. chapter one

This is not a happy story. But when you entitle something "how to become a demon" I think that kind of obvious. This is a story of a fool. A stupid crazy idiotic jackass that had to have all of his humanity striped away to wake up and realize "hey idiot , killing people is a bad thing!"

But if i'm honest I don't think that my life was ever supposed to end up happily. I already knew I was going to hell , what I didn't know was that I'd end up running it. But anyway back to the point.

First thing first , you do not become a demon though another persons actions. Yes we demon can possess people but if you end up killing someone while "under the influence" it doesn't make you bad person. It just mean you where unlucky enough to have a demon take you out for a little joyride and accidentally hit a pedestrian.

No you become a demon though your own action. The devil doesn't take you humanity away, u give it to him.

By the way you can call me Darren. That was my old name before I grew horns and a tail and started taking a liking to humans soul. I'm kidding a about the last part , I never really eaten anyone's soul. The rest of if not so much. When i'm not in my human form ... Well let's just say things get a little ugly.

So i'll be honest with you , I have one idea where this hole thing is going. I can't really tell you a step by step process on how to "become a demon". That's not how it works. The way I became a demon is a long hard complicated story that I can honestly say I don't want to tell. All I can really do is start at the beginning and hope your still following along at the end.

So looking back on it , I'd say it all started the day I when't to meet my friend merious. We where both 15 at the time , finally old enough to be aloud the freedom of going around our neighborhood without have one of our parents/older siblings tailing along.

We where childhood Firend , both of us growing up in the same shity neighborhood in the slums of Chicago. Merious wasn't much in fact most of the time he was complete asshole. But he was and still remains the only true Firend that I have ever had. And for that I am thankful.

Sorry I keep getting off topic. So that day Merious had asked me to meet him Behind the convenient store off second street. He said that he had something really important to tell me and that if I didn't show up I'd be a pathetic loser for the rest of my life.

What can I say he peaked my curiosity. So that after noon I grabbed my jacket headed off for what I though would be a fun after noon with a Firend. Little did I know that afternoon would seal my fate for the rest of time.

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