Stepbrothers |HarryStyles|

She lost her mother, he lost his father, unfortunately, there is something that you love together.
She is unpredictable and calm, he loves danger and is outgoing, a simple guys who hate each other nicely ...


2. Chapter 1.

Chapter 1. " Always are you like that? "


Flash Back

My hair covers my face after the air blast that it flutters. Sensation of going down and going out of the house obstructs me, so I do it. Exactly my front I look at the destroyed car, visualize to the body of my mother inside and my father does not appear,

- Mom?, mom! - I ran towards the exit to run up with the scene furthermore(moreover) nearby.

- "Daughter" - was listening to say to my mother. Y...

I woke up. Another stupid nightmare, clear, was not as well as the things happened, but I dream it as approximately 200 times a year. Already there has happened(passe) a year of the death of my mother. But I say, it is difficult to ignore when someone mentions his mother of a gratifying way when scarcely I can mention that I happen qualit time with my father.

- Daughter?, it walks get up day of school!. The vacations finished!. - my father was shouting Steve out of my quarter(room)-

- already I go! - I sighed-

I removed the sheets at one stroke and got up, gave to myself a light bath, changed and brushed my hair that for mas that was doing the alaseado the tops ended up by undulating.

I made everything as rapid as possible and went out of the quarter(room).

- good days, Miss. - my father said reading the newspaper in the mesa.-

- good days! Danna! - said Drake, my minor brother of then 5, it(he,she) is small make happy that it(he,she) can enjoy what him(her) presenta.-

- good Days - I said to all that that one will find in the kitchen)-

- dwarf(midget) - smiled Louis, joking-

- I have to say a thing to them. - affirmed my father-

- it(he,she) walks - I said without more-

- Do they remember(remind) Anne?, the girl with whom I speak for already 2 months?.

We all agree without understanding.

- good, it(he,she) invited us to have dinner - my father increased - So we will be there wings 8:00 pm. Without delays, did they hear?

- Anne? - Louis said, later he smiled - Well.

It was not bothering Louis very much, she was a very good person and his son was pleasing him very much "Harry", also it was pleasing my minor brother rather, he is small and is not in the habit of understanding certain things, so much to my, Anne was not falling me badly, only that hated the idea of that some day my father forces me to say "Mom" to him(her).

*8:00 pm*

My father was noticing him nervously, his(her,your) tie was getting accommodated very much and was trying to say to us that we should behave ourselves well, more than to all, to my.

- calm. I will behave myself well. I promise it. - I said on having seen the face of my father touching the timbre.-

He(She) me smiled, and it(he) seemed to be rather more relaxed.

- hello!, Steve - was saying Anne, it(he,she) rushed to the arms of my father, he(she) was looking like very feliz. - Danna!, Louis, Drake - us saludo. - Happen(Pass)!. Finally I know them well boys.

Already they had happened(passed) 2 months that my father and Anne knew themselves, they have worked out enough, but a clear presentation of his(her,your) family and mine had not happened still(yet).

There we were, inside his(her,your) cozy(hospitable) house.

-Gemma!, Harry!, Come!. - Anne shouted-

Soon two boys approached with an age near to ours, a girl who sure was Gemma seemed to be 14 years old. And the boy was meeting of 11 or 10. More or less my age.

- Louis - smiling Gemma said, both have the same age, they seemed to remove very likely, deecho Louis has done a good work on having socialized with Anne's family. In addition it() had advantage, I had never seen Harry and Gemma, they had not joined us in these 2 months, only Louis because my father already had taken it to his house.

- this Hazz! - said Louis and to the moment saludaron.-

- Well... Danna, Drake, she is my daughter Gemma and he is my son Harry, and has the same age "10".

We all shock hands as greeting, Harry was looking at me rarely(strange) and Gemma was seeming to be a good girl.

My father and Anne were in the kitchen(cuisine) stopping having dinner, while I already had ended as the rest.

- We go, Danna, feel your commode, as in your own(proper) house - said compromising Anne - the TV take.

- well - I smiled And I went to the small room, where the TV.-

( Minutes later)

- hello, your you must be Danna. - there mentioned captivly the young person of small locks scarcely forming(training), taking that color with chestnut-colored sheen.

- yes. - I agreed looking at it obliquely.

- Will not you ask whom I am? - he() said with a mocking smile.

I looked at it warily and with great safety(security) I exclaimed.

- What does make you believe that I am interested? - I asked responsibly.

- This way are you always? - it(he,she) exclaimed bringing over to my.

-Acostúmbrate casanova. - I grumbled.

- well. - he smiled planting a kiss on the cheek

- What faeces here? I speak of here, with me. - I explained surprised. Nobody was kissing the cheek, except mom.

- my mother said to me that it(he,she) should try to socialize with you. - it approached furthermore to mi.-

I began to scare, he() was invading my living space.

- it hears ... can I ask something you? - I looked at it warily. He agreed seguramente. - My father and Anne, do not be, you believe that some day they come to... Your you know ... about marrying again.?

- do not be, Maybe not I list this one, for it of ... for new members in my family.

- not I...

- have in account(bill) that "Sister" would never call you

- never Harry, Never. - I exclaimed and looked at the television.

There seemed to be a small tension between(among) the last words, but we knew both that for rather that we were taking to ourselves in some moment. We would never be call "A" "Family". Only we knew it. Only we were 10 years old. In this moment it(he,she) was almost unpredictable to guess the future.

*Fin of the Flash Back*

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