The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


2. Chapter Two: Ambushed

Chapter 2: Ambushed

Earth is my home, my place, my joy, my sanctuary, and my long lost friend, that I never knew existed until now. I learned of Earth here, in the Salt Lake City orphanage. I learned of how it has a protective layer, to protect us from the harmful sun rays, and that it is the only planet supposed to have life on it, of course besides possibly Mars.

I have lived here all my life, doing nothing but taking care of the other orphans. The orphanage has levels for every individual orphan. The first level is for the toddlers, which is just a room full of toys and games. They're kept and taught there until they are old enough for the next level, which is for the pre-teens. It takes six years to accomplish the first level.

On the second level, teens go through a stage in life known as puberty, so each night after they would shower, brush their teeth, put on facewash, to prevent acne, the boys and girls would be put in separate rooms to keep them apart. We do this to prevent any pregnancy's, due to their hormones running wild, like wild animals.

Once in the orphanage we had a male and female teen problem, but in the end, they just were dating and not getting into any other critical factors. Since then, no male and female teen problems have happened, but sometime in the future, something like that will happen again. The bedtime for them was exactly 9:00 p.m, but sometimes the teens stay up past that time, and it makes the computer and I mad, so we had no choice but to put alarms in their rooms, so that if anybody pulled any strings, we could catch them in the act.

The final level is the level for the teens that have entered adulthood, and are ready to graduate. Once they have graduated, they can either leave the orphanage, or stay and help, as I have. Many adults leave rather than stay, luckily when I graduated in 2068, at the age of fourteen, I decided to stay.

The reason I did, is because I knew that the computer program would need some help around the orphanage. I was also scared to go outside the orphanage, because I didn't know what I would do outside the place I live in now, where I am so used to everything.

In the orphanage, there is free meals, people to talk to, many things to do, no worries, and many other things that I can't name all in one setting. I have my own personal room, friends, a job, no worries of bills, since everything runs on a single generator with a fuel that reproduces itself called Parsonaline(PrH9N8). It's composed of a special ingredient that I created, that allows the particles of the gas to reproduce over-and-over again.

My name is Renny, and I was initiated here in the year 2054. Some of the other orphans saw me as a different kind of human, due to that at age 5, I was able to lift objects that weighed about 100 pounds or more. Also, one time I somehow shot a little beam from my eyes at a kid who was picking on me. The reason why I suppose is that he made me mad, so my anger rose causing that to happen, but the true reason it happened still remains a mystery.

I was an unusual orphan, because by the time I was 6, I had a vocabulary beyond the average adult. My knowledge was excellent, because at age 8, I could do geometry problems, and get them right every time. The computer decided that at age 10, I was able to graduate early, and ever since then I have been taking care of the orphans here, by helping them succeed as I did mysteriously.

On the first level, I cared for the little orphans that weren't able to talk, walk, or even care for themselves, and would teach them how to interact with the computer and I. Other times I would teach them to walk, eat, and go to the bathroom, when they were at least two years old. I would cook them food. The smallest orphans' meals were formula or warm milk. The orphans that had teeth would receive soft food in order to prevent any chance of choking, or chipping teeth.

The other levels were cared for by the computer, since I don't communicate very well with teens. The reason why I don't communicate well with the teens, is because of my temper. If a teen doesn't do something I tell them to, I usually lose my temper, and enter a new stage of anger beyond any other type of anger. I scream so loud that all the windows in the orphanage shatter, with no further trace of any glass. The teens are afraid of me.


* * *


In the boys bathroom of the second level, I cleaned the toilets, sinks, and even the urinals. The male teens are so immature, because they write all over the walls, and most of the time what is written is things that are not meant to be said by a teen of their age.

I've encountered worse before though, such as when a teen couldn't make it to the bathroom fast enough and ended up getting his urine and feces all over a bathroom stall. The computer helped me clean that mess up, because if I would've done it solo, there would've been a worse mess, because I would've vomit from the scenery and smell.

I was cleaning up urine stains on the toilet seats, urinals, and even the sink. The door to the bathroom was locked, so no teen was getting into the bathroom until I was done cleaning their filth. I cleaned up a huge urine stain that surrounded the base of one of the toilets. It stuck to the floor hard, but with my strength I was able to clean it easily. What a bunch of irresponsible teens, I thought in my mind, then continued on with cleaning the urine stains.

I finished as fast as possible, unlocked the door, and ran into the halls inhaling fresh air. A teen then rushed into the bathroom I just cleaned, which at first angered me, but I managed to keep myself calm. "Next time they're cleaning their own mess, because I'm tired of cleaning up their filth, only to have it replaced by more filth." I stormed down the hall.

I walked down the stairs to the second level, where the supply closet was, to put all of my cleaning supplies away. The hall was dark, so I figured it was nighttime and the teens were starting to go to bed. I came to the supply closet, then reached down in my pocket and grabbed the ring of keys. There were over one-hundred keys, so I had to label them with what lock they unlocked; the supply closet's key was labeled 97, so I searched one by one for the key labeled 97.

After two minutes of searching, I finally found the key labeled 97. I grabbed the key and held it between my right thumb and index finger tight, because the last thing I need is to drop the entire ring and have to search all over again. I stuck the key in the keyhole and turned the key right, and then let go. I opened the door and stuck all of the cleaning supplies in the closet then shut the door, and locked it. I stuck the ring of keys back in my pocket and began to walk to the forbidden part of the orphanage reserved for only graduates that have decided to stay

at the orphanage, which in this case was only me.

I walked in complete darkness to my room, and opened the door. As I walk in I flip the light switch, while at the same time breathing in the sweet aroma of apple spice that filled the room of engulfed light. I set the ring of keys on the table across from

the bed I sleep in. It's a king size with soft white fabric made by a very fancy company somewhere in France.

I decided to take a shower, so that I could get all of the filth I just cleaned off my skin. First, I stepped up to the bathroom mirror and looked at my reflection. My face was filthy with grease due to the mechanical problem I had earlier, and tons of dirt from cleaning the vents. I ran my hands down my face, also covered with grease and dirt, then stripped myself clean of my clothing. I stepped over to the shower set-up system, and set the cold to 30% and the hot to 70% then pushed the start-up button.

Water began to pour down on the surface of the porcelain bathtub. I stepped into the bathtub and shut the shower door behind me. Under the water, I run my hands through my dirt-infested hair, and watch as brown water goes flowing down the drain. "That's better".

The mirror was fogged up and hot steam filled the bathroom. I stepped out with a towel around me into the steam, which was beginning to make me feel dizzy, so I dried myself as fast as I could then stepped out of the bathroom into my room next to my closet. Nothing fancy was required for me as an accessory to wear to bed. I just grabbed a pair of boxers from my drawer and slipped them on.

I shut off the bathroom light, because my hair had already originated back to its normal look, and I didn't feel like brushing my teeth or cleaning my face. I don't care if I have a whitehead in the morning, it don't bother me to pop it. That's another strange thing about me that I have never had a single zit on my face, except for one time in my life when I was twelve.

While prepping the bed for my rest, I grabbed the virtual television program and set it up to my liking. Once the virtual television program was set up I climbed into bed, placed the

earphones in my ears, and finally placed the mask over my eyes, while shutting the light off. I watched TV. for about a few minutes then fell asleep into a soon to be nightmare.


* * *


A pound woke me out of a dead sleep, but it was not just a pound, it sounded just like a lightning strike. I began to feel scared, and continued to listen. It was quiet for a few seconds then the pound I heard before sounded off again, and this time it was closer to my room. My heart began to pound so hard that it nearly jumped out of my chest.

What do I do? Just sit here? Hide?

My adrenaline began to rush. No! I can't just let the orphans die from whatever is outside my door. I have to fight back. I arose from my bed and grabbed my only weapon( a 12 gauge shotgun), and slowly opened my door.

In the hall it is all but sheer darkness, and the sound is of nothing but screaming. I could hear someone or something yelling in the distance where is he! Tell me puny human or suffer!

A teen was in dire trouble and so was I. The voice was so dark and deep that it gave me chills and rumbled the entire orphanage like an earthquake. It was all of nothing but evil and dark as cold blood. The yelling stopped and was suddenly replaced by a bloodcurdling scream that ruptured my eardrums. There was a loud thud and that was when I knew the teen was dead.

"Dammit!" The steps that made a "thud" sound now were coming closer and closer. Out of the shadows I saw a figurine coming into view, and it was no ordinary thing I'd seen before. The figure had a black mechanical suit on and stood at least six feet high.

"What the hell!?" I fired a shot out of the shotgun, but it was no use. The figure caught every BB with one hand and had no damage; I was speechless. "What are you!?"

The figure at first didn't respond then said something that made my heart sink.

"Finally. After 16 long years I've found you."

"What are you talking about?"

"Hello Vern'e."

I was so confused. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!"

"My name is Black Matter and I've come to kill you."

At that moment I was silent and didn't even move. I didn't know how to react to this thing that has come to kill me for an unknown reason. For sixteen years he's searched, what is that supposed to mean that I'm somehow connected to this thing that came who knows where.

I wanted to think it was just a nightmare and that any moment I would wake up from it, but no matter how much I wanted it to be, I knew that it was no nightmare but reality.

"What? Kill me?"

"In the worst way possible."

My heart was now pounding at a dangerous rate, because if anything I knew I was doomed.

"Why? I never have even met you."

"Of course you don't, because you are not aware of your true origins little Arm'eian."

"What? Arm'eian, what the hell is that?"

"The name of the people of your race."

"No, I am a human." Black Matter chuckles an evil laugh that made me quiver.

"No, you are not anything of this pathetic excuse of a planet called Earth I suppose. You are a native of the planet named Arm'e far in the universe.

"That can't be!"

"It is, now shut up and let me finish!"

I silenced myself, because I knew if I were to do anything beyond this stranger's demands, I would immediately be crushed like a bug with no hope.

"You are an Arm'eian, let's just get that straight, and you come from a distant planet by the name of Arm'e, which is currently occupied by millions of we Dorsians thanks to your father's demise."

"My father... who is my father?"

"I was getting to that! Now shut up! Your father's name is or was Vern'eska. He sacrificed himself to save you before you could even open your eyes for the first time, that's why you are unaware of your true origins."

"What was my mother's name, what's my name?"

"Your mother's was Moonsha, and believe it or not she put a scalpel knife through her heart to save you Vern'e."

I began to shed tears, because it hit me so hard that I actually never even got the chance to say goodbye to my own parents.

"Don't cry, you'll soon join them in oblivion."

"Shut up! I don't know where you came from, but I really don't care! Get out of here now! Out of my life forever!" I was so infuriated with anger and was beginning to rise to dangerous heights, where I felt I was going to explode.

"Now, let's calm down Vern'e... he was immediately cut off by my sudden enclosure in a halo of large power. "What!"

"Last chance. Get out of here or feel my rage!" Black Matter laughed.

"Please, you can't defeat me in your current state."

I chuckled."Watch me!" A blue orb appeared in my right palm pointed right at Black Matter.

"What! No!"

I braced myself."Rosna attack!" The blue orb shot straight at Black Matter. Black Matter tried to deflect it but couldn't, instead the blue orb slipped through his hands, and once it touched his chest, the blue orb exploded into a cloud of blue light.

When the smoke cleared, Black Matter still stood, but was damaged severely.

"How did I...

I was speechless at what I just experienced. Black Matter moaned from the burns on his body, then rushed at me. I'm doomed was all I said as my life flashed before my eyes.

"You insignificant little runt, how dare you damage me!" He punched me so hard to the head that I fell to the ground, nearly unconscious. He placed his foot in the center of my chest and began to slowly pressurize it down so deep in my chest that I felt my ribs begin to break. While coughing up blood, I screamed at the agony of my ribs slowly breaking, and my lungs being pushed down so hard that I could barely breathe.

"Since you’re so determined to think you can beat me, I have a deal. Five years is all you get to train to become the Ultimate Warrior. If you are not the Ultimate Warrior by then, I'll just kill you so severe, that you'll be wishing you were never born. Pray you don't disappoint me."

That's all Black Matter said, then he depressed his foot from my chest, and disappeared into the darkness.


* * *


I screamed so loud that it woke the entire orphanage. The first to come to me was a teen.

"What happened to you!"

"Get the damn computer!" The teen run off to get the computer program. They were at my side in less than a minute later.

"Remove his shirt", said the computer.

The teen attempted to remove my shirt, but nearly got sick by the sight of what my chest looked like. Where Black Matter had pressurized his foot on my chest was an imprint of his foot, like a shoe stepping in mud and leaving a footprint. Pus was leaking from my skin had been tore open, and some bone fragment lay in the center of my chest like cereal in a bowl. The entire area was black and blue colored with a mix of some yellow, green, and purple.

As soon as I saw my chest I began to pass out into a slumber. When I awoke it was morning. My chest had been completely healed, almost as if there were no impact on it before I passed out. A teen stood over me telling me not to move because my bones hadn't completely healed just yet. I was confused, how did I get healed so fast?

In my mouth all I could taste was my own blood, and I could hardly breathe, which meant my lungs had not completely restored back to normal. I just held as still as I could in the bed that contained me as the healing process continued to proceed. It felt as if I were in a pod, going into space.

In my mind all I could think of was what Black Matter told me. Was it all true? Am I really this Ultimate Warrior and that I come from a distant planet named Arm'e? Was my true father willing to give up his life to keep me safe and my mother was willing to stab herself in the heart to save me from annialation, or was it all a hoax? It couldn't be because what I did last night was unspeakable and impossible for an ordinary human to do.

What exactly was it I did? My rage and anger all came out in a blue orb that apparently is known as a "Rosna" attack. Am I an Arm'eian? The last thing Black Matter said was what gave me the chills. Five years to train to battle him, or was that a dream? I was beginning to get a headache, so I tried to quit worrying, but it was no use.

I accidently fell asleep in the healing chamber, but I guess it didn't matter. The teen I had seen before told me to arise, because I was completely healed. They were right, I feel great, almost as if I were reborn. I rose off the bed slowly and put on the clothes the teen provided me(a T-shirt and pajama pants).

"Thank you", I said to the teen.

The teen nods their head, then leaves the room. The taste in my mouth was still there, so I went into the bathroom and used a mouthwash that eliminates any kind of content that is unwanted. I swished it around in my mouth for a minute then spat it out. It came out as a dark red color, which was all the blood that was in my mouth. I also saw some tooth fragments in the blood, so apparently when Black Matter punched me, he broke some teeth.

I walked out of the room and went down to the lobby to get something to eat. In the lobby I saw the teen and computer talking. The first one to speak to me was the computer. "How do you feel Renny?"

I cut the computer off and said "Stop calling me Renny, because it's not my true name is it computer?" At first all the computer did was mutter, then responded "You're right Vern'e."

At that moment I knew that all that Black Matter told me was true.

"I knew this day would come, what that thing told you is all true."

"Tell me more. I need to know who I truly am."

"In the year 2054 you crash-landed in the center of this city. Everyone suspected it to be a terrorist attack, but once they saw it was just a small baby boy, they were amazed that a small boy could survive an impact like that."

"Was I even scratched?"

"No. Scientists studied you closely and found that you had

a type of skin different from a human's called "flosanella".

"Is that why nobody could ever cut me or even injure me until last night."


"What else?"

"You were then brought to us to care for you."

"What about me being an Arm'eian, or my parents. Is there any information on them you know of."

"Nothing except a sword that we found with you in the crash."

"Show me the sword."

"Follow me then."

I followed the computer to a room of relics and treasures. "This way." The computer led me to part of room with a door. "In here." I opened the door and looked inside, only to see a large sword hung on the wall. The blade gleamed as if it were made of silver and the grip was made of strange metal I never have seen before, with a spider carved along the end of the sword's grip.

"May I remove it."

"It's yours, do with it whatever you want to."

"Thank you." I lifted the sword from the wall and nearly collapsed by its weight. It had to weigh at least sixty pounds. "What is this thing made of?"

"Unknown, but put your hands around the grip."


"Just trust me."

"Okay." I prepared myself as I began to grip the sword. I managed to get a good grip, then suddenly the sword burst into flames.

"So it's true."

"Why is the sword on fire!"

"Because it knows it's in the presence of the Ultimate Warrior."


"Vern'e you are the Ultimate Warrior."

I didn't even move, because I knew now that for the next five years I'll end up training my guts out to defeat Black Matter.


* * *


I released my grip from the sword and dropped it to the floor. I was pale as a ghost and was motionless.

"Vern'e are you okay?"

"No, I feel sick to my stomach."

"Let's get out of here."

"I'm taking the sword with me."


"Something's coming and I have to leave the orphanage forever."

"Vern'e what's coming? Why do you have to leave?"

"It's something you wouldn't understand, and I don't want anybody getting hurt or caught up in what I am destined to do."

"What are you talking about?"

"My destiny."

"Let us help you face this Vern'e."



"NO! Don't you see? Too many people have already been hurt not just mentally but also physical! I have no option; I have to leave now." The computer no longer argued, but instead printed out a paper of techniques.

"You'll need these in order to succeed, now go."

I grabbed the paper, folded it, and stuck it in my right hand pocket. "Watch over them."

"I will."

I walked out of the orphanage with one final wave, a smile, and a tear rolling down my cheek.

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