The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


12. Chapter Twelve: A Devasting Deception

Chapter 12: A Devastating Deception

I could've kicked myself for what I had just done. I accidentally kicked myself so hard in the groin that I was in tears and wanted to scream my lungs out. Walking hurt, so I had to fly, which in my mind is pretty pathetic for someone as strong as I was. The only thing is that I've never kicked myself so hard that I was in tears. I usually have only cut myself from a jab that cuts the skin.

I wasn't bleeding, but I knew that a blow like that to such a fragile area would most indefinitely bruise. I know I will have a hard time urinating and will walk like an seventy-year old man for a couple of days. I think I know how Marsa feels now, because right now I'm wishing I were never born, due to this pain being unbearable.

Limping, I walked as best I could to the mesa I lay against and sat down with a discouraging look of pain on my face. This pain was even worse than when Black Matter pressurized his foot down deep into my chest the night we met for the first time.

"Man. How dumb am I? I've practiced that technique thousands of times, and I should have it down by now." I foolishly kicked a rock, causing my foot to go into pain now. I grabbed some of hair then violently ran my hands through my hair, like what you do when you get frustrated at something. I didn't just hurt in the groin now, but my foot was aching now.

Why was I acting like an idiot on drugs? Was it the fatigue? Stress? Anxiety? Anything to do with those subjects, or was it just my mind playing games with me once again. My instincts weren't anywhere near as strong as they used to be, now whenever I take a break, my Arm'eian instincts don't even bother me. Did this have something to do with me getting closer to becoming the Ultimate Warrior, or just a phase that my body is going through.

No matter the cause, for the next few days I will be in severe pain, so I may need to take a long break, in order to allow myself to heal. That scares me, but the computer always told me that you need to let things heal before you do any action. I decided to follow the computer's advice and take a three-day break.

I layed against the mesa with my legs straight out and shut my eyes. It was winter now, so a cool breeze blew past me, as I tried to fall asleep. The sun was to strong though, so I couldn't fall asleep. I still sat with my eyes shut, thinking of happy memories at the orphanage, before this nightmare came to reality.

I thought of me teaching the toddlers how to count and spell. Teaching them their shapes and how many sides they had, and each time a toddler would get a question right about shapes, they'd smile and get an immediate dismissal from the lesson.

I remembered feeding them their food, and how some of them resisted, so you had to trick them to get them to eat their food. Memories of putting all of the teens and toddlers to bed, and the time that one of the teens tried to sneak out, to ambush me in my sleep, but the alarm system caught them in the act. Another thing is that I kept my door locked every night, so the ambush wouldn't have worked, unless they succeeded in picking the lock.

All of these memories helped to calm my mind and make the pain in my groin disappear, but I knew if I were even attempt to get off the ground, I would immediately collapse back to the ground. I can't fly because I need to charge up a little energy, in order to do that, I need to tense up my muscles, which include all the muscles in the groin area.

Black Matter could be watching me now, knowing I'm weak, and he can easily deceive me. Right now I was wishing I was the Ultimate Warrior, because the pain would completely disappear from existence and I could defend myself.

In my current form, I'm as vulnerable as an expensive vase being handled by a clumsy person. One attack could finish me here. An ambush like the one three months ago would kill me in less than a second.

I gulped and just sat back with my eyes now open, feeling the cool winter breeze blow in my face. I stayed cautious, looking around in all directions, praying that nothing happens. It was just silent, but that's exactly how the last ambush begun, until I heard the sound of a snap, then that's when all hell broke loose at once.

I thought of one thing that I can use as some protection; Te Spetar Swors. It was in its homemade sheath right above me. I reached up and slowly pulled Te Spetar Swors from the sheath into my hand, where it immediately burst into flames. I dropped it into my lap. The flames extinguished before it landed, so I didn't get burned.

"My only defense." Then I remembered something the Spider King told me about the sword. It has a compartment in the grip that holds a special tube of medicine that cure any wound. "I can't believe I forgot about that!" I removed the blade from the grip and sat the blade down gently. Inside the grip, I pulled out a tube of a red liquid, which I figured must be the medicine.

"It only requires one drop on the wound." I lifted my pants up off my waist and stuck the tube down inside. I released a small drop of the medicine on the groin area, and immediately, the pain disappeared for good. "Ah. Much better." I put the tube of medicine back into the grip of Te Spetar Swors then re-attached the blade to the grip.

I set Te Spetar Swors back in the sheath, then I stood up from the ground, feeling great.

"That medicine really did the trick. Now what?" Suddenly, I wanted to just train all day long. My Arm'eian instincts have returned, so I didn't ignore them. I walked out to my training area and began a mirage of training techniques, hoping not to land another kick to the groin like I did last time.


* * *


It was a grueling three hours of training, but in the end, it was all worth it. My speed had increased to new heights, and I had become much more stronger than before. My muscle mass has increased much more than before, and I felt as if I were a whole different person. "If this is what three hours of training can do, I wonder how I'll feel when I transform into the Ultimate Warrior?" My confidence had gone up from doubting myself to a person willing to do whatever it takes to protect what they love mostly.

I had confidence that I could truly defeat Black Matter, and that I truly am an Arm'eian warrior destined for many things. I wondered if I was becoming just like my father when he was my age. He risked being removed from existence to save me from Black Matter, so that shows that even though he never got to truly be a parent and hold me, he loved me very much.

My mom is also watching over me, and I know she loved me very much also, because she was grateful enough to put a scalpel knife through her heart to save me from annialation, and my father willing to sacrifice himself to save me. If you ask me, I truly believe I had real parents next to the computer who raised me from the day I landed on Earth.

My father looked just like me, except he was just older than me, so it was an older version of me. My mom I suppose looks like Marsa, so technically I was part Rasian. I wonder how that effects my Arm'eian culture. Maybe it don't, because I don't see any sign of Rasian culture in me.

Sorenska will also be part Rasian, so will his son after him, and so on. I couldn't believe that I was going to be a dad in three months. That's a lot to take in at such a young age of sixteen, but what's done is done and there's no turning back.

"I wonder if he'll develop as fast as I did as a baby. A very high vocabulary, education, and I hope he has an instinct for battle. That'll all have to wait though, because only the future can tell these answers."

The sun was beginning to dim along the horizon, so I called the day to an end and walked over to the mesa and sat down. I stared at the sky, focusing on finding that blinking red star. It was in the east, so I look in the east and easily found it. It was blinking faster than usual, so tonight might be what I like to call a "star shift" night. This happens when the stars either change color, position, or speed.

The sunset faded away fast, and suddenly, all the stars in the sky just shone in pure and beautiful luminosity. "What a beautiful night to end a very successful day." I closed my eyes and fell asleep faster than any of these other nights I've been out here.


* * *


An explosion woke me up out of a deep sleep, that nearly scared the hell out of me. I stood up and immediately could smell smoke not far from where I was. "What the hell!" I looked around for any nearby fires, and what I saw nearly made me want to scream so hard my vocal cords would fry-up and no longer function right. Salt Lake City was being engulfed in flames.

Without hesitation, I charged up and flew off to Salt Lake City, having a feeling that a certain foe of mine is behind this. Over the view of Salt Lake City, I could see nothing but fire, bodies, smashed buildings, and a spaceship. "I knew it! That no good deceiving hellraiser!" I was so pissed, I could destroy a planet.

I landed in the city, only to see corpses burned to death, blood-stained buildings, and a blazing inferno. The orphanage was no longer in existence. It was rubble with tons of burned corpses on the ground. My rage was at dangerous heights, to the point I felt like I was going to explode.

Tears begun to drench from my eyes. I heard a sound nearby, so I braced myself with a Rosna attack. "Black Matter! Come out you worthless and deceiving coward!" The unknown figure was stepping out from the shadows into the open. My Rosna attack was ready, and it was the most powerful one I've ever charged. "It ends now!" Before I released the Rosna attack, I noticed that the stranger wasn't Black Matter; it was Reese.


* * *



"Reese!" I discharged my Rosna attack and ran to Reese, because he was injured horribly. "You need to come with me." I carried Reese to a building and set him down. "What happened!"

"He came from nowhere. I was even lucky to escape."

"Where is he!"

"I don't know."

Reese was horribly injured. His face was burned, his shoulder was dislocated, his arm was broke, his leg was broken, and he was barely breathing. "I have to get you to Te Spetar Swors."

"How will that help me?"

"There's a medicine that can heal anything."

"It's too late."

"No. No it isn't!"

"Just leave me. Save yourself."

His heartbeat was faint, so if I was going to save Reese I needed to do it fast.

"Please Vern'e. Let me go."

"I can heal you."

"You need to save all that medicine for yourself in the future."

"No. I need you Reese."

"No Vern'e. You don't need me."

"Yes I do."

"No Vern'e!"

I resented from Reese after that response.

"You need to do what is right and let me go. My time is up, so be a true warrior and do what is right. Let me go."

I nodded. "I promise that he'll pay for all of this. All he's done."

Reese smiled then closed his eyes. His heartbeat slowly beated away to silence, and his breathing stopped. Reese was gone. Tears feel from my eyes like a waterfall onto the ground with Reese's blood and the ruins of the building.

Suddenly, I began to feel strange. My anger hit even higher heights than before, and I began to sudden flashbacks of the orphanage. An energy would begin to show and just go away, but then another flashback came of Reese's final words, and the energy returned. Another flashback came back of Black Matter's final words before he left the orphanage that night, and the energy returned again. My rage rose higher and higher, and the flashbacks sped up all in one session, and the energy returned again, only this time it stayed. One last session of flashbacks broke my anger barrier and suddenly, I screamed so loud that it shook all of the city ruins to nothing. I was finally enclosed in an energy dome as my muscles grew, and I saw the last of the flashbacks. With one final yell that destroyed the city, I changed completely into a new being. A warrior of pure rage and love for those he cares, battles for all good, and can only exist as a spirit until released by pure anger. I had at long last become the Ultimate Warrior.


* * *


"I promise he'll pay for all he's done to all. The Ultimate Warrior is reborn into a new being, and his name is the Arm'eian word for "sacred". I am Vern'e, the Ultimate Warrior, and my vengeance shall be assured."

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