The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


3. Chapter Three: The City

Chapter 3: The City

The open world was cluttered and full of people, who were all strangers to me. The buildings stood 10 xs more taller than the orphanage which amazed me in many ways. One was almost made completely made of glass, and another was made of stone, another was made of brick and so on; I was just amazed and scared at the same time.

I began to walk down the streets with the other people. I was getting strange looks from the people, due to the fact that I had a sword on my back, my muscles were large and wide, my hair was completely different from the average human, and my outfit that made me look like I was an assassin ready to kill someone with no warnings. I just ignored them and walked along to somewhere I can get some help.

My training environment must be nowhere near any civilization and capable of lasting me five years. I don't want anyone or anything getting hurt due to my destiny. I couldn’t believe it. I'm this Ultimate Warrior somewhere deep inside, but I guess it makes since. All those years in the orphanage, the unexplained behavior I had whenever I started to get angry at most likely a teen.

I spotted someone who looked like he might know where I can find a training ground with no life present. I rushed toward them and stopped them, they smiled at me and ran their right hand through my hair. "How can I help you?"

"Do you know of any areas nearby that have no life in them?"

They looked at me funny then responded. "I do not, but my friend might be able to help."

With a couraged look on my face, I responded to them. "Where is your friend?"

"He works at the last shop on the corner down there."

They were pointing in the direction that I guessed would be



the way to where their friend works.

"Thank you so much."

"Your welcome, but may I ask you why you want to find an uninhabited environment?"

I knew he would freak-out if I told him why, so I just said "My reasons are my own."

"Understood." Then they walked away into the crowd of people.

As soon as they were no longer visible, I turned and began to walk toward the building where I hope that I get some important information.


* * *


In front of the building labeled "Geography World", I took a breath and gulped as I opened the door. Inside was shelves of books on geography. I looked around at the shelves hoping for some help on uninhabited environments, but unfortunately I had no luck. Someone came over and tapped me on the shoulder.

"May I help you find something sir?"

I figured this must be that stranger's friend. "Yes. Do you know of any place nearby that is uninhabited?"

He looked at me kind of funny then patted his hand twice on my back. "I actually do Mr...

"Vern'e. My name's Vern'e."

"Well Vern'e, the only place nearby uninhabited is the Dry Wastelands. Nobody ever goes there due to the temperature."

"Can you point it out to me."

"Why don't I just take you there. Now, are you sure you wish to go there Vern'e? Temperatures can get up to 120 degrees farenheight."

"Yes I wish to go, besides I can withstand those types of temperatures."

"Alright follow me to the back."



I followed him to the back, and along the way wondered Why the hell did I say that! I'll die in those temperatures! Man Vern'e you really are high in the night!

We came to a door that I imagined led to a garage, and I was right. In the garage was a hovercraft. Reese turned on the lights to the garage and gave me a signal by pointing his index finger toward the hovercraft. I walked down and approached the hovercraft.

Reese joined me, then stepped into the hovercraft. I stepped into the hovercraft with a little bit of fear that I would fall through the floor of the hovercraft. The floor didn't collapse, so I took a seat in the passenger's seat, while Reese took a seat in the driver's seat. Reese put on his seatbelt the same time I did, then started up the hovercraft by pushing a red button labeled "ignition".

The door that blocked the exit opened revealing a series of intersections. The sun's glare blinded me for a minute, but then my eyes adjusted.

"Hold on now Vern'e."


Reese pushed the pedal to raise the hovercraft from the ground, then turned his attention to a small screen on the dashboard of the hovercraft. He pushed some buttons on the keyboard below the screen, then pushed the finish button I would suppose. The hovercraft then burst out into the streets, then to the sky.

"What did you do to the hovercraft?"

"Set the coordinates to the location we are headed to. You see, this hovercraft is controlled by the computer Vern'e. Whatever coordinates I put in, it locks onto the location and guides the controller to that location."

"Interesting." Truly I was completely confused, but who am I to criticize the technology of today rather than yesterday.

"So Vern'e, where are you from?"

My heart dropped. What was I supposed to tell him; that I was an alien boy from a far distant planet called Arm'e? "I'm from the colonies out past Salt Lake City."

"Which colony?"

"The Southern Colony."

"Strange, I haven't ever heard of that colony in all my years of studying the entire globe. Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Most experts have never heard of the Southern Colonies, because they're small and barely recognizable."

"I've been a geologist for over twenty years Vern'e. I think I would know of any colony, even the smallest."

I knew I was stuck. He has been a geologist for over twenty years, how do I even compete with that amount of knowledge.

"So where are you really from Vern'e? You can tell me".

"Reese if I told you you would think that I am crazy and need to go to a mental institution."

"Hit me with your best shot."

I gulped then braced myself for the worst. "I'm an alien boy from Arm'e."

Reese gave me a funny look, then responded. "The crash in 2054."

"Excuse me."

"I was the one that took you to the orphanage."

"I don't understand."

"Vern'e you are the small baby boy that crash-landed in the year 2054."

"Please don't despise me."

"Why would I despise you. There is nothing wrong about you at all Vern'e."

"It's just that last night when he told me everything about my origins, it hit me so hard that I felt like I'd been put into a new state of mind in a different world."

"That's understandable Vern'e, but you mustn't worry about me judging you."



I smiled then replied. "Thank you very much Reese."

Reese nodded his head then sat back in his seat.

"So you are the one who gave me to the orphanage?"

"Yes. Once I caught a glimpse of you at site of the crash, I immediately knew you were special and needed to be taken care of properly, and not be studied by scientists for greed."

"Then who discovered I had a different type of skin from humans?"

"We never discovered that until you were five years old, after a severe accident that should've at least cut your arms."

"What type of accident?"

"You got into the supply closet where a chainsaw sat, and you accidently knocked it off the shelf and triggered it to start. The chainsaw's blades struck your arms, but all that happened was that you completely wore down the blades to nothing but scrap. We knew from that moment that you were extraterrestrial."

"So, until last night, I have never sustained an injury of any degree."


"I can't believe it."

"Believe it Vern'e, you are very special and were born to do many great things."

"In my case, it's to save the entire universe."

"That's a lot to take in, especially being only how old you are."

"Sixteen to be exact."

"Vern'e if there was anything I could do to prevent this, I would."

"I don't want anyone getting hurt, that's why I prefer to train out in the Dry Wastelands for the next five years."

"Understood, I'd do the same."

"I feel as if I am now an individual from others."

"Don't. You have managed to live on Earth just fine for


sixteen years."

"Thank you for all you done."

"Welcome. Anytime."

I took a deep breath then exhaled what seemed to be all my worries in one breath. I closed my eyes, imagining positive moments in my life on Earth, despite that all that was about to change forever.

Reese interrupted by asking a question."What that large object you've got in that bag Vern'e?"

At that moment I knew that he was referring to the sword that bursts into flames when I grip it. "It's a sword."

"Does it have a name?"

"No. There's no inscription of where it came from or who made it."

"Strange. Let me see it."

I grabbed the sixty pound sword from my bag and handed it to Reese.

"Amazing. Whoever crafted this used no machinery but their own two hands and some kind of tools much different from ours. The blade is smooth with no dents, scratches, remnants from being used in battle. The entire blade is sterling silver, but in battle, usually one severe blow to this blade would shatter into bits."

"So, it's a very reliable sword."

"No. It's completely indestructible, because in no doubt this sword was used in battle. How is it possible for this sword to be in such mint condition, as if it were only a mere display sword."

"Then what the hell is it?"

"I don't know, but you got yourself a relic here Vern'e, don't use it unless it is necessary."



I placed the sword back in the bag, then secured myself back to my seat.



"How much farther?"

"We're here."

I smiled as we began to descend to the ground from the air.

"Destination reached, please watch your step as you exit."

On the ground, I stepped out of the hovercraft onto the harsh surface.

"We will meet again someday Vern'e, so goodbye for now and do your best to save the universe."

I nodded my head, then waved goodbye to Reese as he flew off in the distance out of sight.

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